best grass seed for ohio

Best Grass Seed for Ohio – The Complete Guide To a Great Ohio Lawn

Growing a perfect lawn is never easy, but it is possible as long as you choose the right type of grass and understand its maintenance requirements.  So, what is the best grass seed for Ohio? Cool-season grass varieties like the Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass are suitable for Ohio’s soil and weather conditions. Of course, … Read more

best grass for sandy soil

The Best Grass for Sandy Soil – 5 Types To Choose From

We all dream of a perfectly uniform, perfectly green lawn spreading across our yard. For some, achieving this dream seems easy enough. But for others–meaning those of us with sandy soil–trying to make the dream of a perfect patch of grass a reality can quickly turn into a nightmare. But that doesn’t mean you should … Read more

best grass seed for dogs

The Best Grass For Dogs – Happy Pets and a Great Looking Lawn

Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like seeing your dog roll around and have fun in the grass. Dogs love any time they can get on the grass as it brings them back to their roots and past time living outside. However, the enjoyment that can be brought by watching your dog in … Read more

best grass for georgia

The Best Grass Seed For Georgia Lawns

There’s nothing quite like the lush feeling of healthy green grass between your toes. Whether you’re looking to create a fun backyard for your kids to play in or striving for a bright green front yard for the local lawn competition, achieving healthy grass is a landscaping goal for most homeowners.  But Georgia micro-climates can … Read more

best grass for florida

The Best Grass Seed For Florida

When you’re buying grass seed in Florida, there’s no simple list of which seeds are best for the entire state. The problem is that Florida has a wide range of temperature conditions, particularly in winter. Thankfully, we don’t have to go through every single climate zone to determine the best grass seed for Florida. Instead, … Read more

best grass for shaded areas

The Best Grass For Shaded Areas In Your Yard

Everyone wants a beautifully thick, green, and uniform lawn. But, not every property makes it easy to grow and maintain grass.  Trees, plants, and other obstacles can cast a shadow over parts of your lawn, limiting the sunlight that your grass needs to survive. And, while simple maintenance like trimming branches and plants can help … Read more