electric vs gas fireplace

Gas vs. Electric Fireplace – Pros & Cons. Which Is Best?

There are many benefits to electric fireplaces, but they can’t replace gas units in all respects. In this article, we compare gas vs electric fireplaces to find out which is more efficient, safer, and the best option for your needs.

natural gas vs electric heat

Natural Gas vs Electric Heat – Which Is Best?

Natural gas and electricity are both options for heating the home. In this article, we look at natural gas vs electricity to find out which is more efficient, least expensive, and easiest to maintain so you can find the right option for your home.

pros and cons of ventless gas fireplaces

Pros and Cons of Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Houses without a flue can still enjoy the heating efficiency of a propane or gas-powered hearth by opting for a ventless unit. However, this type of fireplace has its own fair share of shortcomings. Find out its pros and cons in this article.