A woman carrying a portable AC for camping

The 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners For Camping [2022]

Camping is a great way to experience nature and immerse yourself in the local environment. But, an immersion in nature means you’ll also have to deal with the full extent of the outdoor heat. Instead of being miserable for your entire camping trip, consider investing in a portable air conditioner. Portable AC units are easy … Read more

a technician recharging an AC with refrigerant

How Often Should I Recharge my AC with Refrigerant?

You should never need to recharge your AC unit with refrigerant. However, sometimes air conditioners develop a leak, which an EPA-certified HVAC technician will need to repair before recharging it. Refrigerant leaks are uncommon in air conditioning systems. However infrequent, it is important to know the signs of a refrigerant leak and what you should … Read more

BougeRV ​​2899BTU Portable Air Conditioner hooked to a BougeRV Portable Power Station

Beat The Heat In Less Than 15 Seconds With The BougeRV Portable AC

Your summer adventures are about to get a whole lot cooler thanks to an exciting new product from BougeRV – the new 2899BTU Portable Air Conditioner. This highly portable AC keeps you cool wherever you are. It’s perfect for the tent, RV, or van. You can even use this ingenious appliance to keep you cool … Read more

best quiet portable air conditioner

The Quietest Portable Air Conditioners That Actually Work (under 52dB)

According to energy.gov, Americans spend $29 billion each year just to keep their houses cool. One way to easily reduce AC expenditures each summer is by cooling only the room you are using rather than your entire house. Portable air conditioners are a great solution to maximizing your comfort while minimizing your cooling costs. The … Read more

mold, dust, and dirt collecting inside the AC

Mold in Air Conditioners – How to Detect, Remove and Prevent It

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance you rely on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable during the hot summer months. But what if that very AC unit is making you sick? Believe it or not, mold can grow in air conditioners and, if left unchecked, can cause some serious health problems.  So … Read more

a technician installing an AC in the garage

The 6 Best Garage Air Conditioners – Window, Portable and Mini Splits

The hot summer months can quickly bring your garage up to unbearable temperatures. And if you’re a handyman like me, you spend a lot of time in your garage working on projects. Instead of sweating it out and dealing with the heat, you can add an air conditioner to make your garage cool and comfortable. … Read more