We’re always looking for high quality content in the gardening, home improvement and general home niches that will genuinely help our readers. If you are are a native English speaker and are interested in being a guest blogger then we want to hear from you!

Note: due to the amount of poor quality guest post applications we receive, most go straight to the trash can without replying. Please take your time and write something interesting when you contact us re guest posting. Only truly unique and high quality correspondence will be answered.

Read this first – Tips For Getting My Attention

If you want a response – then seriously…put some effort into contacting me:

  • Do not use templated outreach emails – they are VERY easy to spot and generally get sent straight to the trash can
  • Send me an email from a proper email account (your sites domain). When I receive emails from free email accounts it just shouts “I’m to cheap to even pay for a proper email account for my outreach VA”
  • Do some research – pitch me some ideas of articles that people will actually search for. 5 minutes of long tail keyword research will likely result in you getting a guest post…don’t be lazy
  • I am not interested in generic, boring articles that noone wants to read e.g. “10 ways to improve your garden”… cmon….. boring!


Guest Post Requirements

If you would like to submit a guest post please contact us using the form below.

A few tips:

We currently accept guest posts on the following topics:

  • Gardening (indoor and outdoor)
  • Home improvement
  • DIY
  • Home/garden product guides (anything used around the house or garden)
  • How to guides (garden/home)
  • Tips and tricks (garden/home)
  • Pets

What We Expect

We only publish high quality, well-written articles that are actually useful to our readers. Articles that are obviously written to only include a backlink to a website will be rejected.

Please think carefully before you fill out the form below – are you willing to put in the time and effort into a high-quality article?

What You Get

While we do not offer monetary payment for the first article (possibly for follow up articles should the quality be high enough), we do offer a good platform to share your articles.

Our traffic is going to continue to grow, as will our domain authority. You are allowed to link to other relevant websites (in fact we insist that you link to other authority sites) in your articles and the links will be dofollow as long as the quality of the sites you are linking to is high.


  • If you want to link to a product page or a business site then this is considered a sponsored post. You can contact us for details.
  • We will not link out to low quality sites – we reserve the right to add nofollow tags whenever it is necessary.

Contributing to Our Site

If you have gotten this far then contact us using the form below or send an email to editor@essentialhomeandgarden.com :

Freelance Writers

Are you a freelance writer and have knowledge about home improvement, gardening or one of the other topics we cover?

Well, we are always looking for good writers, and YES we will pay you for your work.

If you are interested in working for us, please send us some samples of your previous works at editor@essentialhomeandgarden.com


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