39 Delightful Towel Storage Ideas For The Bathroom – So Easy!

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Whether you’re redecorating a half bath or a full, you’ll also need a place to put towels. You could go the traditional route and toss your extra towels in the drawer. Or, you could try something a little different and add some major style points to your bath while making it more functional.

For those who want to go the less conventional route, we’ve got you covered. Here are 39 functional, versatile, and unique towel storage ideas.

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Looking for something simple yet highly functional? This Sorbus towel rack holder features six rounded slots for towels of all sizes. It is perfect for over the tub, outside the shower, or as extra storage space in that underutilized nook in your bathroom. The powder-coated iron finish matches every aesthetic from super-modern to traditional.

2. Rustic Wooden Towel Rack Shelving

Rustic Wooden Towel Rack Shelving from Kerzee Decor

Looking to capture that rustic feel of a cabin or highlight the natural beauty of the world around? This wooden four-tier towel rack comes in pine or spruce with the choice of 13 finishes from white-wash to dark walnut. The tightly spaced shelves provide visually appealing storage for extra towels while the cast iron hook provides a place for used towels to dry.

3. Wall Mounted Towel Hook

Wall Mounted Towel Hook
Source: Wayfair

For something understated yet surprisingly bold, these matte black mounted towel hooks are a great choice. They take up very little room on the wall yet provide plenty of visual appeal compared to traditional hook options. Sets come with two hooks but can easily be ordered in multiples to hang any number of towels near the bath, shower, or sink.

4. Stackable Slide Out Drawer Organizer

Stackable Slide Out Drawer Organizer inside a cabinet

Tight on space? This highly functional slide out towel organizer can be used on the counter, on the floor, or in the cupboard to maximize your storage options. The slide-out wire drawer provides plenty of room to store multiple hand towels or two bath towels, while the flat surface above offers additional room for other bathroom items in need of their own designated space.

5. Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers

Storing extra towels in a closet is not always the most space-efficient way to deal with these necessary bathroom items. One way to maximize your storage on closet or wall-mounted shelving is with these sleek and functional shelf dividers. These simple wire dividers provide separate slots for storing towels to keep things looking clean and tidy while making the most of your space.

6. Massie Plastic Overdoor Organizer

Massie Plastic Overdoor Organizer filled with bags and towels
Source: Wayfair

If you’re looking to maximize storage and minimize expense, these simple plastic overdoor organizers are just what you need. These lightweight options are easy to install and come with six large pockets to store hand towels, bath towels, and a variety of other bathroom items. Keep towels out of sight and out of mind with this simple storage option.

7. Rope Basket

Rope baskets

Rope baskets are a great way to store anything from toys to towels. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, too. Use large rope baskets to store bath towels on the floor next to the tub or shower. Or go with a smaller option for storing face cloths and hand towels in drawers or on the counter next to the sink.

8. Kate and Laurel Wood Decorative Storage Unit

Kate and Laurel Wood Decorative Storage Unit
Source: Lowes

For on-the-floor storage that looks elegant and provides plenty of functional space, this decorative wood storage unit is a great choice. The three-tiered shelving features real wood and flashy gold mesh for storing towels and adding a bit of decorative flair to your bathroom. With the wide top handle, you can easily move this caddy around during bathtime to always keep your towels and bath supplies in reach.

9. Light Wood Shelf with Removable Cover

wood shelving unit with removable cover

Looking for something lightweight that provides a lot of storage but isn’t made of plastic? This simple wood shelving unit with removable cover is the perfect compromise between lightweight and tasteful. It is available in three, four, and five-tier options for storing towels and other bathroom supplies in or out of sight, thanks to the handy roll-down cover.

10. Wall Mounted Towel Bar

Wall Mounted Towel Bar
Source: Wayfair

Some things are classic for a reason. In terms of towel storage, it doesn’t get any more classic than the wall mounted towel bar. To take traditional to new heights, this fresh take on the original uses bold square mounts and a flattened bar to create more of a modern aesthetic. It’s available in brushed nickel, matte black, brushed gold, and polished chrome.

11. Umbra Bungee Over the Door Towel Rack

Another simple towel storage idea for small bathrooms is the Umbra Bungee Over the Door Towel Rack. This option has a sleeker look than traditional over-the-door options and provides four wide bars for storing multiple bath or hand towels. And the intelligently designed door hangers sit flatter than most to avoid jamb damage when the door is opened and closed.

12. DIY Basket Towel Storage

This DIY basket towel storage idea is a great way to transform a boring, bland wall into something interesting and functional. And all you need to make your own are some rectangular wood or wicker baskets and a few screws. You can use large or small baskets—or a combination of both!—to store various sizes and numbers of towels.

13. Aitkin Towel Bar Storage Rack

Source: Wayfair

Wall mounted storage racks that combine a towel bar and shelving are the perfect way to store and hang bathroom towels. This bamboo option features a wide towel bar for multiple bath towels and a slatted shelf for storing additional towels, decor, or other bathroom necessities. Plus, bamboo is more resistant to water damage and bacterial growth than other woody materials.

14. Ladder Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Ladder Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Source: Wayfair

Looking for towel storage solutions to jive with your modern country aesthetic? This rustic wall mounted storage rack has it all. It looks like an aged, repurposed wooden ladder but functions as a three-tiered towel rack for storing hand and bath towels. Plus it is super easy to install using a single nail or screw.

15. Ainsley Bath Ladder Storage

Ainsley Bath Ladder Storage
Source: Pottery Barn

For larger spaces, this wood shelf ladder provides an elegant focal point that is as functional as it is discerning. Use the flat wood shelves as is or add baskets to up the storage potential. Perfect for those awkward spaces between vanities and baths or bare walls in need of a little flair.

16. Merlene Solid Wood Shelf with Towel Bar

Merlene Solid Wood Shelf with Towel Bar
Source: Wayfair

This solid wood shelf with towel bar has the look of an advanced DIY project without all the work. The aged reclaimed wood shelving and upcycled metal towel bar bring a rustic-chic aesthetic to any bathroom while providing plenty of space to store towels, decor, and more. This stylish storage solution is perfect for the space above the toilet or next to the shower.

17. Outsunny Rattan Wicker Towel Valet

Outsunny Rattan Wicker Towel Valet
Source: Aosom

This weather-resistant wicker towel caddy was designed for use by the poolside but makes an excellent addition to bathrooms indoors and out. The durable rattan wicker is water-resistant and perfect for use near the shower or bath. Two deep shelves provide space for decor or towels while the removable lower drawer is perfect for storing less glamorous bathroom essentials.

18. StorageWorks Closet Baskets

ClosetWorks storage baskets

For open shelving or bathroom closets, these StorageWorks Closet baskets make for the perfect place to stow extra towels. The high sides and back provide plenty of room for stacking flat or rolled towels while the lower front panel makes for easy access. These cloth baskets come in multiple colors and designs to fit with any bathroom decor.

19. Edenscape Pedestal Y-Style Towel Rack

Edenscape Pedestal Y-Style Towel Rack

Looking for something unique, space-saving, and remarkably elegant? This Y-Style towel rack only takes up a small amount of floor space, allows you to hang up three bath towels, and has a gorgeous modern look. The oil-rubbed bronze iron features unique detailing at the corners and connection points and a heavy pedestal base.

20. Eward Wood and Metal Wall Mount Towel Rack

Eward Wood and Metal Wall Mount Towel Rack
Source: Wayfair

This elegant wood and metal ladder-style towel rack is perfect for the whole family. The lower rungs are the right height for smaller children, while the middle rungs are perfect for hand towels and the upper rungs for adults. The repurposed look and added wood top rung makes this towel storage solution perfect for modern, rustic, and farmhouse-style bathrooms.

21. Wide Wall Entry Shelf

Wide Wall Entry Shelf
Source: Kohls

This entry rack may have been designed to hold coats, but it makes an even better over-toilet towel storage solution. Five metal hooks provide the hanging storage for bath and hand towels while the upper shelves are perfect for storing rolled towels for future use. And the wide, flat top provides a great option for adding a bit of flair with decor or live plants.

22. Porter Towel Bar with Glass Shelf

Liberty Hardware Delta Porter 18 in. Towel Bar with Glass Shelf

For contemporary or shabby-chic-styled bathrooms, this porter towel bar with glass shelf makes for a great functional addition. The wide towel bar is perfect for hanging bath towels and the upper shelf is just wide enough for rolled wash clothes, candles, and other decor. This over-toilet storage solution comes in glinting chrome to provide some extra sparkle to any bathroom.

23. Bixby 2 Piece Bracket Shelf

Bixby 2 Piece Bracket Shelf
Source: Wayfair

These floating bracket shelves are the perfect coupling for solving your towel storage needs while adding a bit of visual interest to any wall. Both shelves feature natural wood bases wrapped in rustic iron for holding rolled hand and face towels. And the lower shelf includes a simple hanging towel rod for storing bath towels.

24. Zenna Home Cross Style Floor Stand

cross style floor stand

This beautiful iron cross style floor stand is great for adding a decorative splash to any bathroom with extra floor space that lacks storage options. The spacious three-tiered shelving provides plenty of space for folded towel storage. Details like twisted wire joints give this shelving option a unique beauty that other floor shelving units lack.

25. Wood Rolled Towel Racks

Wood Rolled Towel Racks
Source: Etsy

This set of full-wood rolled towel wall racks make for an awesome addition to farmhouse-style bathrooms as well as those with more of a natural modern aesthetic. Each rack is large enough to hold multiple rolled-up bath or hand towels. Turn your extra towels into a piece of wall art with these gorgeous storage solutions.

26. Stainless Steel Over Door Towel Rack Bar

Stainless Steel Over Door Towel Rack Bar
Source: Wayfair

For bathrooms with cinder block or tile walls and limited floor space, it can be difficult to come up with towel hanging solutions. This over door towel rack is perfect for hanging your hand towel near the sink without having to drill through the wall. It fits perfectly over the vanity door and looks stylish without attracting a lot of attention.

27. Towel Rack 5 Towel Hooks Wall Mount

Towel Rack 5 Towel Hooks Wall Mount

In the market for a simple towel storage solution with a little character? This wall mount 5-towel hook set makes sure your guests and family know exactly where to hang their used bath towels. Perfect for modern, eclectic, and traditional-style bathrooms.

28. Tabletop Wine Rack Towel Holder

Tabletop Wine Rack Towel Holder
Source: Wayfair

Diamond wine racks make for a surprisingly efficient and decorative option for storing hand towels. This elegant yet simple espresso wood countertop wine rack is small enough to sit next to the sink but has enough space to store up to 6 towels. It’s a great option for those with limited drawer space or those looking to show off their chic hand towel collection.

29. Edenscape Free Standing Towel Rack

Edenscape Free Standing Towel Rack
Source: Wayfair

If you can’t hammer into your bathroom walls to install hooks or a towel bar, this freestanding towel rack is a great alternative. It gives you somewhere to hang wet towels while they dry plus additional storage for extra clean towels on the bottom shelf. Match any decor style with 5 color options from matte black to polished chrome.

30. SONGMICS 100% Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

SONGMICS 100% Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

Need storage solutions for more than just towels? This tall bamboo bath shelf has room for towels, candles, lotions, and more. Add stylish baskets to the shelves for an easy way to keep items organized or use the space to add a splash of decor to an otherwise mundane corner.

31. Bathroom Towel Ring

Bathroom Towel Ring
Source: Wayfair

Towel rings are a great way to keep a hand towel within reach of the sink, and this one does it with some added flair and functionality you won’t find in other traditional options. This oversized ring is flattened to keep wet towels spread out so they can dry while holding them more securely in place. And the extended arm keeps moisture away from your wall to prevent drywall damage and mold growth.

32. BOFENG 3 Tiers Black Metal Towel Rack

BOFENG 3 Tiers Black Metal Towel Rack

Got a lot of wet towels to store but no way to hang them on the wall? Freestanding multi-tier towel racks are a great choice for busy bathrooms as well as those in need of a creative way to store used towels that doesn’t require drilling into the walls. Perfect for bathrooms with a little extra floor space.

33. Barnwood Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Barnwood Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Source: Wayfair

Looking for towel storage in a farmhouse style or modern country style bathroom? This aged barnwood wall mounted towel hanger will fit in perfectly. It has five double hooks for hanging bath towels, hand towels, loofahs, and more. Each hook is attached to a single wooden cutout that reads “TOWELS” across the top in bold lettering.

34. Bathroom Storage Cabinet

VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Cabinet

This bathroom storage cabinet has plenty of room for towels, bottles, makeup, and more. Three oversized drawers and a cabinet with adjustable shelving make this the perfect storage option for bathrooms with pedestal sinks. The large flat top is just waiting to be decorated with candles, plants, or your favorite earring stand.

35. Middletown 3 Piece Tiered Shelf

Middletown 3 Piece Tiered Shelf
Source: Wayfair

Why leave that boring space above the toilet empty when you can dress it up with this elegant tiered shelf and solve your towel storage problems at the same time? This perfectly sized 3-tiered shelf is a great place to store rolled or folded towels as well as living plants and other decor. The unique industrial-style metalwork and finished laminate shelving look beautiful while being highly functional.

36. Jumbo Clothespin Towel Holders

Jumbo Clothespin Towel Holders
Source: Etsy

Looking for something awesomely unique to hang your towels up with? These jumbo clothespin clips are like nothing you’re likely to find in your friend’s bathroom. Each oversized clip is 1 foot long and hefty enough to hold a full-sized bath towel or robe. There’s no chance your towels will slip off the hook and end up on the floor with these!

37. Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Linen Tower

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Linen Tower

If you need a lot of space to store towels and other bathroom essentials but are short on floor space, this tall linen tower cupboard is a great option. Two cupboards conceal three shelves each. Perfect for folded or rolled towels as well as your less decorative bathroom supplies.

38. Hinge-It Clutterbusting FamilyTower Bar

Hinge It Clutterbuster Four Bar Hanging Valet

Towel bars and fashionable towel racks are great if you want to put your towels on display, but if you’d rather hide them away, then this space-saving family towel bar is the way to go. This ingenious storage option connects to the doorjamb and hides out of sight when the door is open. Each individual bar swings away from the wall for easy access to each towel as needed. Perfect for small bathrooms with minimal floor and wall space.

39. mDesign 3 Tier Vertical Standing Storage Basket Stand

mDesign 3 Tier Vertical Standing Storage Basket Stand

Lastly, this eclectic three-tier wooden basket stand is perfect for storing hand towels and washcloths. Each basket is angled for easy access and just the right size for your bathroom essentials. Put it next to the tub, by the sink, or tuck it into the corner to add a splash of functional, beautiful decor.

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