pile of firewood air drying outside

How Long Does Wood Take to Dry?

Having a good stock of dry wood is important if you rely on wood-burning heat. But it can take a while to create if you’re working with fresh timber. Find out how long wood takes to dry and how to expedite the process in this helpful guide.

how to clean fireplace glass

How to Clean Fireplace Glass Doors – For Crystal Clear Glass

Fireplace glass has a tendency to get greasy and grimy, which can have a negative impact on the ambiance of your hearth. Luckily, cleaning fireplace glass is not as hard as it seems, so long as you know these foolproof methods.

types of firewood

Types Of Firewood – A Simple Guide To Burning The Right Fuel

Maximize the heat performance or output of your fire pit, wood stove, or fireplace by using the right type of firewood. In this article, we’ll go through the best types of firewood, as well as the ones you should avoid. Read now.

pellet stove vs wood stove

Pellet Stove Vs Wood Stove – Which Should You Choose?

From installation costs and maintenance to heating performance, we compare pellet and wood stoves so you can ultimately decide which is best for your home and needs. Find out which one is better.