Lazy Man’s Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

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bathroom renovation

Bathroom remodeling can be quite the tedious task. Toilet, sink, tiles, paint – there are so many things to consider. The reality is that if you are truly lazy, completing the project may take a while.

On the other hand, you are probably like millions of people who want to spend the least amount of time and money on a bathroom remodel that you can be proud of. Through this guide, we aim to help you remodel your bathroom without having to put too much effort. Here are some useful tips you can consider.

Bathroom Renovations on A Budget

Consider the Budget

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the first plan of attack should be to evaluate your remodeling budget and plan ahead wisely. If you fail to spend wisely and with discretion, the remodel can end up being expensive.

On the other hand, you should never go cheap on items that are frequently used like a toilet sink, or bathroom mirror. Once you have made a budget decision, spend time evaluating your bathroom space. How would you like to renovate? Would you like to see a major or minor overhaul, and what is your time frame for completion?

Install Items Without Having to Break Open Your Tool Box

Bring in items that can change the entire look of your bathroom without a lot of tooling effort. Items like a new shower curtain, a posh rug, or flowers in a vase can make all the difference in the world.

Putting a coat of new paint on the wall is easy enough. Even if your bathroom suffers from outdated fixtures, the right coat of paint on the wall can give older fixtures a fresh look.

Choose Minor Improvements That Require Few Tools

Homeowners can replace shower heads without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg. There are millions of ideas on the market and at online and brick and mortar stores to shop for shower heads.

You can give your bathroom a spa look and feel, and enhance your shower experience. You may even decide to install a macerating pump along with a new toilet. You also may need a wrench or two for these projects.

Don’t Forget The Heating

No-one likes a cold bathroom. so don’t forget to choose a good bathroom heater to keep you nice and comfy in the colder months.

Look for Vanities and Fixtures at Online or Specialty Stores

bathroom vanity

Vanities and fixtures abound online and in specialty stores. These venues also offer clearance sales on occasion. You can search for faucets, vanities, mirrors, and other bathroom items that will breathe new life into your bathroom.

If you are comfortable shopping online, you may find a greater variety of selections than you find in a typical store. Make sure the online venue you choose is a legitimate source.

Spice up your mirror

If you have a large, double-vanity mirror on your wall, you probably know it’s not easy to remove, partially because of its size and partially due to the way it’s secured to the wall.

Removal will result in damaged drywall, leading to extra work when you have to patch and repair the wall before hanging a new mirror or two. A simple solution to get a new look in your bathroom  is to keep the existing mirror and dress it up with molding. You can use any kind of molding, but a great option is using a type that has a rabbet on the back.

The rabbet is an area of overhang that will reach the edge of the mirror and extend past it. This will give the mirror and frame a polished look, especially if you miter the corners.

Get Creative with Your Counter tops

If you feel a little creative, you can always shop for items like granite or marble remnants for countertops. Sometimes, granite shops have bits and blocks of granite remaining from other jobs. It may be possible to get some of these items at a discount. Before you head out, call around to see if anything is available and if you can negotiate the price.

With a little thoughtful planning and effort, you can remodel your bathroom and increase your home’s value. If you feel the job is beyond your pay grade, you can always contract a professional. There are no downsides to remodeling a bathroom if the job is done right the first time around.

Consider Your Shower Walls

Ceramic and Porcelain shower wall

Choosing the right shower wall can make or break the look of your bathroom. 

If your bathroom is going for a rustic of antique look then you don’t want a modern shower wall. 

Your shower wall needs to be stylish, keep water in where it’s wanted and it should also be easy to clean.

You can read more about shower wall choice here.

Give your cabinets a facelift

If the bathroom cabinets look a little dingy but are still functional, there isn’t a need to feel stuck if you’re on a budget. Even if you have laminate covered cabinets, there are ways you can freshen them up. You can purchase kits that come with primers and paint, or you can sand, prime and paint the cabinets with regular materials.

Before you start the job, remove the doors, drawers and hardware. Work on painting them in a clean space where they won’t wind up with debris on them. It’s smart to use foam brushes or rollers for a smooth finish and top the painted cabinets with a coat of polyurethane.

To complete the new look, install some new pulls or knobs. Similar to giving your home’s exterior a new roof and a new look with the help of commercial roofing contractors, the knobs are the icing on the cake when it comes to giving your cabinets that finishing touch.

Change your lighting

A light fixture is a really important piece in every room of your home, and the bathroom is no exception. The lighting you choose can make or break any room.

If you have the eyeball style of light fixture with five light bulbs across, it’s time to move on. Upgrade to a fixture (or multiple fixtures for layered lighting). Choose lighting that is more exciting than what you have, such as a chandelier in combination with a vanity light bar or pendant lighting.

The lighting you select should work well in your bathroom and provide great light too.

If you’re on a tight budget, get a can of spray paint and buy a few glass bulbs and you can give a drab, outdated fixture a total transformation.

LED and fluorescent fixtures are available for bathroom lighting and are energy efficient options that are cool to the touch and provide even light distribution.

Add layers.

liven up your bathroom

Layers are one way to overhaul the look of your bathroom on a budget. If you don’t have much cash to spend, focus on the layers. Think of things like a nice shower curtain, a classic window treatment if you have a window, hooks, shelving and artwork. Give the room some dimension and pizzazz by adding layers.

When you’re changing up your bathroom, remember to look for inspiration before executing. Keep in mind that a remodel is not a race. Take your time and choose pieces you love and focus on ways you can both refresh the space and make it function better too.

How To Child Proof Your Bathroom

Having a kid imposes certain changes in lifestyle. While your home might have seemed like the safest place in the world for you and your partner back when there were just the two of you, everything is different when a child comes along. And while all the rooms in the house need to be childproofed, the bathroom might potentially be the most dangerous one.

The access to water can lead to burns, and slippery floors can lead to dangerous falls. That’s why you need to pay special attention when childproofing this room. With that in mind, here is a guide on making your bathroom a safe place for your kids.

Start With The Bathroom Doorway

child proof bathroom door

This might sound scary, but the bathroom is a potential hazard from the very entrance. This can be easily dealt with by adding a childproof cover on the doorknob so that only an adult can open it.

This way, you can make sure your child doesn’t enter the bathroom without adult supervision.

best bathroom heaters

P.s. are you interested in the best bathroom heaters? Check out our ultimate guide by clicking the image below.

Secure The Toilet

Toddlers can be very curious and might want to spend their time in the bathroom playing around the toilet. However, kids can lose their balance easily and fall into the water.

A bump in the head is a lighter consequence here – there are more dreadful outcomes. The toilet lock is the right solution for this. There are those that reset themselves when the seat is lowered.

Deal With The Slippery Floor

Slippery floors are the most frequent cause of bathroom injuries, and while some of those accidents can be minor, you can never be too safe, especially when it comes to kids. Non-slip bathroom mats are the best way to deal with this hazard.

Choose a bathroom mat that has small suction cups to prevent it from moving around.

Bath Time

child in bath

Bath time is a special time for both kids and parents, and that’s why everything needs to be perfect and harmless. That’s why it’s so important to choose functional baths and upgrade them with no-slip strips and cushioned faucet covers.

Being extra-diligent with cleaning your bathtub is also very important.

Store Medicines and Toiletry Outside Their Reach

While this is a no-brainer, many parents underestimate their kids and they think a regular vertical storage above their kids’ height is enough to prevent nosy kids from trying to find out what’s in that closed shelf.

That’s why it is imperative to keep the medicine cabinet locked and the caps on the medicine containers child-resistant. Also, you should store the shampoos and other toiletries in similar fashion.

Don’t forget the outlets and electrical appliances

bathroom electrical safety

Hair dryers, razors, heaters and other electrical appliances are normally kept in the bathroom, but it is safer to keep and use them in other rooms where there is no access to water.

If you are going to continue using them in your bathroom, make sure they are stored in a cabinet with a safety lock.

Just to be safe, you can hire an electrician to mount special wall sockets (ground-fault circuit interrupters) designed to minimize the chances of electrical injuries in case some of the appliances fall into the sink or bathtub.

Just like in all the other rooms in your house, you should install outlet covers.

Other Potentially Dangerous Bathroom Items

You would be surprised just how creative toddlers can get when in a “fascinating” room such as the bathroom. For example, trash cans can attract their attention, so besides being careful about what you throw in them (e.g. razors), you should use a can that can’t be opened easily.

A plunger and a toilet brush should be closed in a closet or another convenient storage. Shower curtains can be a problem, so it would be best to get rid of them altogether.

Following these tips will help you ensure your bathroom is a safe place for your kids, and no amount of time and effort is too big when it comes to the well-being of your kids.

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Man’s Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

  1. Another decorating idea for a bathroom is to redo the porcelain sink and the tub. These tend to take a lot of abuse through the years, and with a fresh treatment, they will look brand-new. It’s a lot cheaper than putting in all new fixtures, and it really does make your bathroom look good.

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