Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum Review – Hands On Test

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Our Rating:

Key Features:

3,000 Pa suction power

Intelligent Mapping

Automatic Suction Boost

Easy to use smartphone app

Simple but Effective Vacuuming Robot for Carpet and Hard Flooring

The Yeedi Vac doesn’t have a ton of features, but it can out clean many of its more expensive competitors.

Its 3,000Pa suction rating combined with a low-tangle v-brush and automatic carpet boost gives both hard flooring and carpet a thorough clean. And, if you want an intuitive robot vac app and a simple yet effective mapping technology, this Yeedi robot vacuum is a smart purchase.

Review Criteria Ratings

Cleaning Power4.5/5
Battery Life4/5
Smartphone App4.5/5


  • 3,000Pa suction power
  • Intelligent mapping for customized cleaning
  • Carpet sensor for automatic suction boost
  • Low profile
  • Intuitive, easy to use app


  • Barebones functionality
  • Can only save one map
  • No small object avoidance
  • Lacks reduced suction sensors and warnings (dustbin full or blocked)

Should You Buy It?

If you want a dependable robot vac to clean your one-story home, the Yeedi Vac is up for the challenge – ​​no matter what the flooring type is.

Although this simplified model doesn’t come with extra perks right out of the box, you can boost its functionality by getting the mop and an auto-empty station later on.

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Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum Overview

Yeedi Vac’s packaging

The Yeedi Vac is the stripped-down version of the Yeedi Vac Max, but it has the same vacuuming specs and works with the same smartphone app. Both models are also Yeedi Vac Station compatible for hands-free, automatic emptying of the robot’s dustbin for up to 30 days. 

The difference is that the Yeedi Vac simply lacks the mop attachment. The good thing is that you can purchase this separately, and it is fully compatible with the Yeedi Vac. 

The Yeedi Vac’s overall features are simplified, but they are functional and efficient. It uses Visual SLAM navigation to move through your home and create a virtual map. Fortunately, you can edit the map, add no-go zones, and assign a name to different rooms for a directed area and partition cleaning.

picture showing the top panel of the Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum

Do not disturb periods and scheduled cleaning can be established through the app. The suction setting is not customizable for each room, but you can set the vacuum to low (600Pa), medium (1500Pa), or high (3000Pa). 

The Yeedi Vac also features a carpet sensor that automatically kicks up the suction power when the robot transitions from hard flooring to carpet.

The Yeedi brand is still relatively new to the market, having introduced its first robotic vacuum in 2020. In just two years, they’ve greatly improved their bots’ functionality and cleaning ability. They now have three different vacuums and the Vac Station in their line-up. 

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro is also on the horizon. Like the Vac Station, this unit self-empties, refills its water reservoir and cleans its new and improved scrubber mop system.

I have reviewed Yeedi products in the past and have always been impressed by their cleaning abilities, but how does this simplified Yeedi robot measure up?

Keep reading to find out and see my full Yeedi Vac robot vacuum review.

How the Yeedi Vac Performs

I had a chance to try the Yeedi Vac in my own home. Here is everything you need to know about how well it performed and where it could use some improvement.

Cleaning Power

The Yeedi Vac has a high suction rating of 3,000Pa. Of the many robotic vacuums we’ve reviewed, the only one to exceed that rating is the Trifo Lucy, which has a rating of 4,000Pa.

That high suction rating, combined with a hybrid silicone-brush v-roller and near-to-ground opening, allows this vacuum to clean more effectively than more. This impeccable cleaning performance is especially true on carpets.

The design of the dustbin also helps maximize cleaning power. Unlike other vacuums’ foam screens, the Yeedia Vac’s fine mesh screen does not get hair stuck in. This allows the vac to retain suction power even as the dust bin fills up and makes emptying it a breeze.

Moreover, the Yeedi Vac’s lack of LIDAR sensors on top, meaning it has a much lower profile than other robots. It can easily get under cabinets, beds, and other surfaces to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

dust pulled from Shark plug-in vacuum versus Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum

To really test the Yeedi’s cleaning power, I did my standard double-vacuum test. I had the Yeedi Vac clean, then vacuumed the same area with my trusty Shark plug-in vacuum. I then compared the amount of debris picked up by each.

The Yeedi left almost nothing for the Shark to pick up on the hardwood. On the carpet (large, low-pile area rug), the Shark pulled up a good amount of fine dust and embedded hairs that the Yeedi had left behind.

Every robot vacuum I’ve tested has done a moderate to an excellent job cleaning the carpet’s surface. However, all struggled with the embedded dirt and hair the way the Yeedi did. To the Yeedi’s credit, it left less hair and larger debris behind than most robot vacuums I’ve tested.

picture showing the dust bin of the Yeedi Vac

The one downfall to the Yeedi in the cleaning department is that it, like many robotic vacs, lacks sensors to warn when the dust bin is overfilled. This means that you could easily be running your vacuum while it is too full to actually clean anything.

The stripped-down Yeedi Vac does not have a mopping function or self-emptying dock. But both can be purchased separately and used with this model.

Overall, the cleaning power of this Yeedi aligns well with what I’ve experienced with other models from this company.

Battery Life

the Yeedi Vac on its charging base

The Yeedi Vac has a marketed runtime of 110 minutes. This is significantly shorter than the Yeedi Vac Max, which has a runtime of 200 minutes. 

Considering that the Yeedi Vac can only store one map and therefore is only appropriate for cleaning one level of your home, this runtime is probably still more than enough. And, if cleaning cannot be completed before the battery runs down, you can engage the continuous clean mode. This will direct the vacuum to restart the previous cleaning command once the battery is fully charged.


The Yeedi Vac uses Visual SLAM navigation to map and navigate through your home. This is a very different method compared to LIDAR, which many robot vacuums now use.

The biggest difference is that the Yeedi must physically touch each wall to map the level’s boundaries. On the other hand, a LIDAR robot can “see” down stairwells and past obstacles, building a more accurate map of your home.

In terms of cleaning, the limitations of SLAM navigation don’t slow the Yeedi Vac down. Once the map is built, it can clean in an effective back-and-forth pattern that assures no corner is missed. 

The one area where this navigation method does come up short is obstacle avoidance. The Yeedi relies on bumper sensors to navigate away from most obstacles. If an item is not big enough to engage the bumper sensor, the Yeedi will try to push through the obstacle.

Things like light dog water bowls, stuffed animals, cords, and small toys all pose a hazard for the Yeedi. And less solid obstacles, like dog poop or puke, are likely to get spread across the floor if the Yeedi encounters them.

Smartphone App and Functionality

screenshots of Yeedi Vac’s app

I’ve had to deal with a lot of different robotic vacuum cleaner apps. While the Yeedi app has less to offer than most due to the limited functionality of the robot, it is still one of my favorites.

The app’s UI is much more intuitive than others. And with the recent updates, you can navigate the app’s features and control the vacuum with little to no effort.  Most of the tools are on the app homepage, while the vital statistics are accessible through a secondary menu.

screenshot of Yeedi’s homepage app

In the app, you’ll find a list of functional features, including:

  • Cleaning Type – Choose from auto clean (full level), area (room), and custom (spot).
  • Cleaning Record – See a list of previous cleaning times and square footage.
  • Vacuum Power – Set to low, medium, or high.
  • Cleaning Schedule – Set a repeating cleaning schedule.
  • Cleaning Preferences – Set do not disturb, continuous cleaning mode, carpet auto-boost, and room cleaning sequence.

The biggest limiting factor I see in the Yeedi’s functionality is that it can only save one map at a time. This means that if you live in a multi-level home, you can only use the customizable cleaning features on the one level you’ve mapped.

If you’re after a simplified robot that still has enough customization and functionality to make it useful, then the Yeedi and Yeedi app will not disappoint. 

Yeedi Vac Alternatives

The Yeedi Vac is a great choice for simple, effective vacuuming. But there are certainly other robot vacuums out there that have more to offer.

If you need a reliable vacuum that can also mop, the Viomi V3 Max is the way to go. This robot features smart LIDAR mapping, automatic carpet boost, and the best mopping functionality I’ve encountered. 

For a hands-off experience, the Roidmi Eve Plus is a great choice. Like the Yeedi Vac Station, this system will mop and vacuum your floors, then self-empties. It also costs less than the Yeedi Vac Station and can store multiple maps.

FeaturesYeedi VacViomi V3 MaxRoidmi Eve Plus
Top Suction3,000Pa2,700Pa2,700Pa
FunctionalityVacuumVacuum, mopVacuum, mop, self-empty
MappingSingle levelMulti-levelMulti-level

Things To Consider Before Buying a Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are only getting smarter, which means each model is likely to differ greatly from the one that came before it. Before you choose your next robot vacuum, here are some things to consider to ensure you get the right one to fit your needs.

  • Cleaning Functionality – Max suction, brush roller type, and bonuses like carpet boost all play into how well a robot cleans. On top of vacuuming, many models also have mopping capabilities.
  • Navigation Type – Older models use camera-assisted navigation or Visual SLAM. These build more simplistic maps than those that use LIDAR. But they tend to be more affordable and have a lower clearance.
  • Mapping Ability – Some robots can save only one map, while others can save multiple. A multimap robot is the key to utilizing customizable cleaning features in a multi-level home.
  • Smartphone App – The phone app allows you to utilize all the features your robot includes. If it isn’t easy to navigate, you’ll never get your money’s worth from the purchase.
  • Additional Features – There is a long list of additional features these products may include, such as customizable cleaning by room, map editing and customization, cleaning schedules, security cameras, and more.


A robot vacuum is a great investment for busy homeowners who want a clean floor without the time or labor commitment.

For those most interested in a capable vacuuming robot that is easy to use and better than most at picking up pet hair and other debris, the Yeedi Vac is the way to go.

This vacuum doesn’t have all the features of some of the more advanced models. Still, it has a powerful 3,000Pa suction, an intelligently designed body and bin to maximize cleaning, and a super user-friendly app. Plus, you can always upgrade to the mop system and self-emptying dock later.

To learn more about the Yeedi Vac or buy one for yourself, click here. You can also get this robot vacuum at Walmart.

Also Available on The Yeedi Store

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