Worx WG782 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Worx WG782 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review
Worx WG782 Review Summary
Run Time7
Additional Features7
Ease of use8.5
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Very light
Nice and quiet
The price is right!
Only 14" cutting width
The power really struggles on long or thick grass
Long charge time compared to the competitors
Uses old lead-acid battery technology
Looks flimsy - like a toy
A great mower for a smaller yard
If you have a smaller yard that you mow regularly, then this mower may be perfect for you. If you are used to a wider 20 or 21 inch cut, then don't even bother with this.
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Worx WG782 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower ReviewThe Worx WG782 Cordless lawn mower manufactured by Worx Tools is perfect is certainly a versatile little unit. It is light weight, it has reasonable power and it’s lawn mower battery goes the distance. However it will not suit everyone, so let’s take a look at where this electric mower shines, and where it falls down.

Cordless lawn mowers have a bit of a shoddy reputation, but the bad old days of batteries only lasting 10 minutes and not being able to actually cut any grass when they are running are over. Thankfully, the Worx WG782 electric mower is not from the bad old days. It is not perfect, but we certainly have some good things to say about it.

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Worx WG782 Cordless Mower Review

Set Up

Out of the box, the WG782 is a relatively easy to assemble. The handle requires a small amount of assembly, but the instructions are easy to follow and the grass catcher just needs the hand to be clipped on.

The battery then just needs to be charged before you mow, but more about the lawn mower battery soon!

One thing I do want to mention here, is that when you first see the mower you will think it looks like a toy. It looks very plasticy and it feels very light to push around. While it certainly could have been made to look a bit more ‘bad-ass’, it certainly performs like a cordless lawn mower should.

Starting the Electric Mower

Worx wg782 reviewThe startup procedure is very straightforward and includes the all important safety key to keep little fingers and toes safe.

Simply insert the key into the switch box then hold the key in position. Pull the lever towards the handlebar and the mower will start. The key can then be let go and of you go!


For a light-weight cordless lawn mower, the Worx Tools WG782 does an admirable job. I do feel however that the manufacturer wanted it to be just a bit more.

It cuts short – moderate length grass nice and neat. If you have left your lawn too long between cuts though, the WG782 electric mower is going to struggle. We found that when the grass gets anything beyond a moderate length, you end up with clumps of half cut lawn.

I can say though that I was surprised that it cuts equally well whether it is on the lowest cutting height, or the highest.

worx wg782 reviewManeuverability

The weight of this mower is extremely light, at 33lbs it is one of the lightest serious cordless lawn mowers available. So this mower is ideal for those of you who struggle to push some of the heavier, larger mowers that are available.

While I will mention again that this mower feels a little flimsy to use – it certainly seems to hold its own when pushing it around the yard. The handle does not flex or bend at all and stays nice and rigid the whole time.

The light weight of the WG782 is also good for lawns that may be on a bit of an angle, as you don’t need to fight against the weight of the mower so much when pushing up the hill, or holding it back when going down hill.


One of the main down points of this mower is what it sacrifices to remain so small and light – the cutting width. The cutting width of this electric mower is only 14”, if you are used to a 20” or 21” mower then you are going to have a bad time with the Worx WG782. The cut width is not wide at all, so if you have a larger yard you are not going to want the WG782 unless you really enjoy walking – a lot!

The ability to change the height of cut with just one hand is great, although we did feel that the number of heights available was quite low. It offers only 3 height variations which may be frustrating for some users.

Lawn Mower Battery

The battery that comes with the WG782 Worx Electric Mower is a 5.0AH Lead Acid type battery. We much prefer lithium-ion batteries in our cordless lawn mowers, but understand that to keep costs down sometimes manufacturers go with the cheaper options.

One of the main disadvantages of a lead acid battery in a cordless lawn mower is that the power will gradually die off, instead of working at full power and suddenly stopping.

The lawn mower battery in this unit lasts for between 30-40 minutes, then it requires 5-7 hours of charge time. The charge time is quite long for an electric lawn mower, while the run time is nothing to write home about.

In the manual it also states that the battery may require 2-3 charging cycles (full charge and discharge) before it gains its full run time. This is important to note if your mower only lasts for 20 minutes when you first get it out of the box.

Confused about battery specifications? Check out our cordless tool battery guide here.


The WG782 features an “Intellicut mode”, which is basically an auto throttle. The idea is that when the mower detects the grass getting longer or thicker, the mower will automatically ramp up the power of the motor to allow it to keep working properly and to save battery when full power isn’t needed.

Unfortunately we found the intellicut mode to be rather lacking, it was slow to adjust – and when it did, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

There is also a “power” mode, basically we recommend you just have this on the whole time. The mower works MUCH better when in power mode, even though it shortens the run time slightly.

And finally there is a “quiet” mode, which as you would think, makes the mower run quietly (and with much less power). This is good if you are mowing in areas where noise is an issue, or in the evening. The noise level is cut down a lot in this mode, but you would only want to use it on grass that is quite short anyway.

The mulching feature of this electric mower is adequate, but certainly not an outstanding feature. It certainly did mulch up the grass to be quite small, but you can still tell that a mower has mowed recently. Also don’t try to mulch sticks or leaves – it just doesn’t work well at all.

WG782 Price

Great for the price, if you are on a budget and you mow your lawns regularly, this may be the mower for you.

Should You Buy It?

If you have a smaller yard that you mow regularly then the Worx WG782 may be a good buy. But people with larger lawns would do themselves a huge favor by finding something with a wider cut.

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