What is Fire Glass or Fire Pit Glass Rocks?

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Not everyone wants to be inhaling fumes from burning wood and cleaning the ashes after a long night of wine and drinks. Well, have you ever heard of fire glass?

Introduced in the mid-2000’s, these colorful tempered glass pebbles have become a massive hit for both homeowners and designers. They offer two staple things that are essential to any type of decorative fireplace – functionality and aesthetics. 

Their polished shapes and highly reflective hues not only create the perfect focal point for any occasion, but also significantly increase radiation and temperatures (even as much as up to 4 times compared to natural firewood!)

And, not only that, fire glass rocks also usually come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so you can effortlessly choose – or even mix and match! – to complete that perfect fireplace aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of.

burning fire pit with fire glass and lava rock

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How Fire Glass is Made 

close-up view of fire glass rocks

While glass might be the last thing you would think of placing in direct contact with fire, fire glass pebbles are actually made for the exact reason. 

They’re made from specially treated tempered glass that can withstand extreme heat. They don’t melt, create soot, nor explode! 

As a precautionary note, always check that your fire glass is treated. Using untreated glass will likely do everything mentioned above, as well as significantly raising the risk of starting home fires or even bodily damage. 

Fire glass is safer than traditional fire accelerants because they don’t emit toxic fumes or byproducts that would otherwise damage your lungs or irritate your skin. And, not to mention they’re way prettier to look at as they reflect the radiance of flames and emit dazzling hues that are gentle on the eyes. 

How to Use Fire Glass 

While you may think using fire glass may be tricky, it is, in fact, very easy and straightforward. 

Simply, pour the fire glass on a tray or rack on top of your fire pit or fireplace (making sure they’re evenly placed or designed the way you want them to look). Then, turn on the gas (suitable for both propane and natural gas), and you’re done. 

Here’s a short video showing you how to add fire glass to your fire pit:

No need for special equipment, additional products, or even extra effort or time. And the best part? When maintained properly through occasional dusting and polishing, they can virtually last forever!

Now, you can sit back, relax and watch the translucent of these tempered glass pebbles shimmer and glitter as you cozy up with your glass of wine and favorite book. 

As a pro tip, you may want to check with your fire pit or fireplace manual if they’re compatible with fire glass or if you need additional trays or grills. Likewise, you may also need to check the size of your fire inserts to see just how much fire glass you need to achieve that certain look you’re going for.

How to Maintain and Clean Fire Glass

fire glass rocks surrounded by lava rocks

While fire glass is a great option for those that love the minimal cleaning lifestyle, there are still things you have to consider to maintain these tempered glass pebbles in pristine condition. 

One such aspect is the type of gas you use. If you want to minimize cleaning and maintenance even further, you may want to opt for natural gas rather than propane as the latter tends to burn darker. 

When used continuously, you may find yourself cleaning your pebbles more often to retain their translucent and reflective nature. 

The Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to traditional firewood or want to spice things up with splashes of color and shimmer, fire glass is a great option to any fireplace decor. 

Just imagine the contrast of icy blue diamond shaped pebbles against roaring flames! We’re sure that it’ll make for a great conversation starter for your next backyard party – or even just something to look forward to after a long and tiring day. 


What is the difference between fire glass and lava rocks?

The main difference is one is a man made material (fire glass) and the other is formed in nature (lava rocks). We have a full post discussing fireglass vs lava rocks here.

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