14 Things To Try If You Are Waking Up Tired

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getting a good nights sleepYou go through a rough day, and you want to come to a relaxing, comfortable bed in the evening. A good night’s sleep is dependent mostly on how comfortable your bed is and quite frankly, you need it in order to make it through the next day’s activities. Remember your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe haven away from everything else, a place to relax and unwind.

It should help you wake up feeling alive and ready to tackle the day’s activities. Is your bedroom making you tired? Comfy sheets are one of your best solution among others.

If it is actually making you tired rather than relaxing you, then here are ways to make your bedroom as comfortable as you probably deserve.

Keep Your Sheets Nice and Fresh

Clean, fresh sheets are really a key aspect when you need your bedroom to be cozy. They will feel more comfortable, and you feel nice lying in them. You will most definitely get a peaceful, cozy bedroom with nice fresh sheets.

Try Flannel Sheets

If you need added warmth in your bedroom, then you should try flannel sheets because they are soft and fluffy in texture. They really have a nice feeling to the touch and very comfortable.

sleeping childBuy a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

To make your bed comfier, you need it to be soft and stable. A memory foam mattress topper does exactly that. Your mattress may not be soft or comfortable if you just place sheets directly on top of it, for real comfort I recommend you use the foam mattress topper.

 Make your Bedroom Dark

A dark hue covers the bedroom and makes it feel relaxed and comfy to sleep in. Decorating with light colors are used if you want to make your bedroom look larger, but a darker colored bedroom may feel cozier.

Have Layer Rugs

It doesn’t matter what your bedroom floor is made out of; a layer rug is a great idea to make it comfy and warm. You need to make your bedroom comfy and having your underfoot warm at all times is a great way to start.

Add Personal Touches

Your bedroom is a representation of you, and you will definitely feel better and comfy once you can relate to it. Adding personal touches will help you actually feel comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom. You will feel that these personal touches make it more familiar and that it suits you just right.

Make a Canopy

A canopy is a great way to make your bedroom more comfortable. Drape your bed in ethereal textiles and actually create a cozy cocoon for relaxing and unwinding.

Get a Tufted Headboard

A good headboard for your bed is bound to add a more comfy, relaxing vibe. However, a tufted headboard seems to add to the comfort really. Try it and see the difference, you will realize that apart from it being elegant it is comfier than other headboards.

Pile Pillows

There is actually nothing cozier than a huge pillow pile for your bed. You can add as many as you like and don’t be afraid to mix and match. When you want to create a very comfy look, then the more pillows you pile, the better.

Add Privacy

You should consider purchasing ceiling to floor drapes for your window. These drapes can be a little expensive, but they will add a lot of privacy to your room and will make it feel comfier. You may consider buying a neutral color that will blend with any bedroom look you decide to have.

Add a Few Furniture Pieces

You need to make your bedroom as comfortable to you as possible; you may not always be in the mood to relax in bed. It is important you have comfortable furniture to add to the comfy feeling.

Invest In High-Quality Fabric

You have to admit that high-quality fabric feels good and comfy. It may be expensive, but it is usually worth the money you spend. Make sure you choose a fabric that is soft and gentle to the touch.

Try white beddings

Most people prefer contrasting and mixing colors, though a funny fact is that white actually feels cozier. You should definitely try this out for yourself.

Don’t Make Your Bed

This sound weird, I know, but a made bed looks stiff and boring. When you change the sheets, you can casually throw everything in place instead of formally making it.  Sounds unorthodox but is really a nice way to bring a comfy feeling to your bedroom.





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