Winterizer Fertilizer – When to Apply and How

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Winter is one of the toughest times for our lawns, and ensuring that the grass gets through the colder months and has enough food to flourish in spring is important. Luckily, winterizer is designed to do just that. Knowing when to apply winterizer fertilizer and what brands to choose are critical in ensuring the success of your prized lawns.

5 Ways To Improve Your Garden Pond

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best pond liner
Garden Ponds give that special something to any outdoor space, but require a little work to make them truly exceptional features. Maybe your Pond is looking unhealthy, out of place, or perhaps it just requires a few small additions to make it at home in your garden.  But how can you improve your Garden Pond? Well you’re in luck! This ... Read More

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Pond Liner

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wrinkles in pond liner

Whether you are installing a garden pond for the first time or fixing up an old pond, there is nothing more annoying than noticing wrinkles in your pond liner. Wanting to know how to get wrinkles out of your pond liner is only natural, but there is good news and bad news…. The bad news is that it is unlikely … Read More

Pond Lighting Guide & Best Pond Lights of 2017

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Pond Lights can be a great addition to any backyard space; illuminating the water, creating wonderful reflections, and providing an invaluable safety feature. However when installing Pond Lighting, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are making the most out of your Lighting Fixtures. Read on for tips and advice on deciding what Pond Lights will work … Read More

The Best Water Pump For Your Pond

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best garden pond pump
Installing a Pond Water Pump is an essential part of installing a garden pond, and great way to improve your existing ponds. Not only does it invigorate and aerate the water, but it can also power a waterfall or water feature. However choosing the Best Pond Water Pump for your Garden can be a confusing prospect. This guide will help ... Read More

7 Easy To Grow Plants That Are Good For Eating

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easy to grow vegetables

With a lot of adulterants becoming prevalent in our food, there is a growing consciousness about the way food ends up on our plate. A positive shift can be observed towards organic food and farming methods. But the whole point is that organic foods increase their carbon footprint and become more exposed to impurities as they are transported from the … Read More

How to Get a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

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Christmas Cactus plants are one of my favorite types of succulents, it is a lovely flowering cactus that is actually originates from the forest, not the desert (despite its name)! If you have ever seen one in bloom, then you will understand why it is one of the most popular types of succulent. But actually getting it to bloom when … Read More

Greenhouse Growing – Don’t Forget Light Diffusion

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greenhouse light diffusion

Greenhouses are a phenomenal way to extend the growing season of any garden, and to diversify the range of plants that you’re able to cultivate at home. Greenhouses shelter plants from the elements and allow for higher, more comfortable growing temperatures, but an often overlooked element of greenhouse growing is that of light. It is of immense importance to understand … Read More

Properly Mulch Your Garden – Expert Tips

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spreading mulch

There are many ways your garden can benefit from mulching. Different types of mulch can help the soil conserve water, improve its quality, protect the roots from extreme temperatures and slow down the growth of weeds. On the other hand, decorative mulching adds color and texture to the flower beds and other points of interest in your garden. Applying mulch … Read More