Pond Lighting Guide & Best Pond Lights of 2017

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Pond Lights can be a great addition to any backyard space; illuminating the water, creating wonderful reflections, and providing an invaluable safety feature. However when installing Pond Lighting, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are making the most out of your Lighting Fixtures. Read on for tips and advice on deciding what Pond Lights will work … Read More

The Best Water Pump For Your Pond

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best garden pond pump
Installing a Pond Water Pump is an essential part of installing a garden pond, and great way to improve your existing ponds. Not only does it invigorate and aerate the water, but it can also power a waterfall or water feature. However choosing the Best Pond Water Pump for your Garden can be a confusing prospect. This guide will help ... Read More

Choosing The Right Pond Liner

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best pond liner
Deciding on what pond liner you are using when installing a garden pond is an important choice, as it will be dependent on 3 things; What type of liner would work best in your Garden, The type of liner that is easier to install for your Garden, and finally your Budget. Deciding Which Pond Liner to Choose Whether it's a ... Read More

How to Build the Perfect Garden Pond

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how to build a garden pond

Ponds add a unique aspect to your garden, improving the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces, providing a great habitat for wildlife and can even add value to your property! It doesn’t matter if you have limited space or resources. DIY Garden ponds can be designed to fit almost any backyard or budget. Just follow this simple guide, and you will … Read More