Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic Vacuum Hands-On Test

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The Roidmi Eve Plus combines hyper-intelligent mapping capabilities with user-friendly features like an auto-empty dust bin for an improved robotic vacuum experience.

The most exceptional feature of this vacuum is its navigational abilities. LIDAR and multiple sensors work together to create accurate maps of every level of your house. Working off these maps, Eve efficiently cleans without bumping walls and with minimal furniture contact.

On hard surfaces, this robot is a sweeping and mopping force. Double dust brushes placed on each side mean no corner will go untouched. The mopping feature produces the most steady, uniform stream of water I’ve seen from a mopping bot for cleaner hardwoods and tile.

The Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic Vacuum also does exceptional carpet cleaning. And the best part? You don’t have to fuss around with the settings because it’s built-in carpet sensor automatically kicks in and upgrades the suction power in seconds. 

roidmi eve plus

Sponsored Content: This is a sponsored advertorial paid for by the manufacturer. While we did do a hands-on test of this product, and the results mentioned are genuine, some test results have not been included in this article. The reader should carry out due diligence before purchasing.

Ultra-Smart Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum With The First-Ever Sterilization Feature 

But what makes the Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic Vacuum really stand out is its sterilization feature.

Sure, there are other self-emptying robot vacuums out in the market, but none of them has the power to eliminate bacteria, parasites, and viruses from the collected waste like Roidmi Eve Plus offers. 

As a matter of fact, Roidmi Eve Plus is the first-ever robot vacuum to have such sterilizing power. And, you’ll be happy to know that this feature also gets rid of the musty smell from the collected waste. 

Overall, this robot comes with a ton of great, useful features, can map multiple levels, and each map can be highly customized to meet your very specific needs.

It Is Worth The Money?

Yes, the Roidmi Eve Plus is worth it’s asking price. Its cleaning prowess, whether on hard floor or carpet, is hard to beat. To top it all off, it has add-on features like LIDAR mapping, self-emptying, and sterilization can make a daunting task like vacuuming, mopping, and even emptying the dustbin a pleasant experience.


  • Superior navigation for fewer bumps and strandings
  • Consistent and uniform water flow across the mop pad
  • Double dust brushes
  • Multiple map functionality
  • Highly customizable maps
  • Convenient and mess-free automatic dust disposal
  • Large capacity dust disposal station
  • Built-in carpet sensor that automatically adjust suction power
  • Self-sterilization that eliminates smell, bacteria, and viruses from collected waste
  • Affordable but loaded with more powerful features vs expensive vacuums

Roidmi Eve Plus Overview

roidmi box contents

The Roidmi Eve Plus is the first robotic vacuum the company has released to the American market. It features LIDAR navigation and advanced sensors for smoother operation and highly efficient cleaning. And, when cleaning is complete, this robot will empty itself using an advanced dust-collecting vac station.

Compared to the market leader, iRobot Roomba i7, Eve Plus has greater suction power and matches or exceeds most of the Roomba’s features. But the Roidmi Eve Plus is about half the price of the industry leader.

Roidmi, which is owned by XIAOMI, a Chinese technology company, has been in operation since 2015. They pride themselves on selling home technology near manufacturing costs. Their product line is limited to stick vacuums and one robotic vacuum in the USA, but is slowly expanding.

The Eve Plus is by far the company’s most advanced product.

The intelligent navigation abilities and self-emptying dust bin—which includes sterilization for reduced odor—set this vacuum apart from others in its price range. The ability to easily download software updates also puts this tech a step ahead.

With so many features, this robot promises quite the cleaning experience. But does it deliver?

How It Performs

roidmi eve plus front shot

The Roidmi Eve Plus has everything you need (and more) to make robot vacuuming and mopping – yes, it also doubles as a robot mop – a smooth-sailing experience, requiring minimal effort on your part. Let’s find out what the Roidmi can do for you. 


The robot vacuum market is plagued with cheap models that promise stellar navigation capabilities, and the majority of them end up in a huge disappointment. The Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic doesn’t fall in that category. 

Once the map is made and stored, the bot begins cleaning each room by going along the edges. It rarely contacts the walls or bumps into fixed features. Once the edges are clean, it moves in an efficient back-and-forth pattern until the entire room is clean.

If the robot senses an obstacle such as a piece of furniture, it will slow down. If the object is substantial enough, it will turn away without contacting it. For smaller objects like chair legs, it will deflect off using the bumper sensor and find its way around. 

Still, the navigation of this robotic vac is higher than any other vac in the market.


The cleaning prowess of Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic Vacuum is comparable, if not better, than more expensive robot vacuum models. 

Hard Surfaces

On hard surfaces, Eve Plus is a champ. The double dust brushes capture hair and dirt in the corners. The orientation and the design of the brushes allows the bot to even clean along the walls without leaving scuff marks.

On the standard suction setting, the Roidmi Eve Plus can get rid of dirt and other tiny particles from hard surfaces like tiles and wood. If your home is a mix of hardfloor and carpet, the Roidmi Eve Plus can automatically jump from standard suction level to a more powerful suction setting suitable for carpet (more about this feature below). 


It can be cumbersome to switch from standard to high suction setting – a robot vac shouldn’t require effort on your part, right? So to address this common concern for many households, Roidmi equipped the Eve Plus with a built-in carpet sensor. 

This nifty feature saves you from cranking up the suction level whenever the Eve Plus passes on carpet rug or flooring. Whenever it detects that it is on carpet, it will automatically push the suction rating to 2700Pa – the highest setting of Roidmi Eve Plus. 

To make it even more convenient, the app does include an option for setting an automatic boost for carpets. 

If you do have pets and multiple people in your home, you should use the Eve Plus on a daily basis so you won’t have to deal with more stubborn dirt and debris on the carpet. 


Whether you are on low or high water settings, the Roidmi Eve Plus puts out the most uniform, consistent water trail. It just works. Of course, your flooring can benefit from manual mop from time to time, but you can do it less often since Roidmi Eve Plus can keep your floor squeaky clean. 

Don’t forget to set no-mop zones should you ever want to take advantage of Eve Plus’ mopping feature – unless you want to wake up to wet carpets. 

Automatic Emptying and Sterilization 

One of the best features of the Eve Plus from Roidmi is its powerful automatic emptying feature that is rated at 23,000 PA.

Whenever the Eve Plus returns to its base station, all the trapped dirt and debris will be automatically moved to the large 3L capacity dustbin, which, according to Roidmi, can hold 30 to 60 days of waste. 

Wouldn’t it make the dustbin a breeding ground for bacteria? 

Precisely. So, Roidmi integrated the first-ever sterilization feature seen in self-emptying robot vacuum. The Eve Plus has a deodorizing-particle generator that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. It also wipes out the musty smell so, whenever it’s time to empty the dustbin, the collected waste is clean and, surprisingly, odor free. 

Just imagine the time and effort you save with the automatic emptying and sterilization feature – no more scooping the gathered dust out of the robot vac and exposing your hands to filthy dirt!! 


The Roidmi Eve Plus has a number of features to love:

  • Highly customizable maps – name and edit rooms, set no-go zones and no-mop zones, and set suction level and water level for each room.
  • Customizable cleaning order and set cleaning schedules
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Auto clean, spot clean, area clean, and room clean
  • Switch between up to 4 maps
  • Four water settings and four suction settings
  • Double cleaning mode
  • Cleaning records
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Object avoidance for larger objects
  • Auto emptying with unique rear suction and sanitization
  • Digital vac station screen – shows charge level and dust bag status
  • Anti-fall and anti-jam sensors
  • 250 minutes of battery life
  • Alexa compatibility

Phone App

roidmi app

The phone app has a ton of features and is decently intuitive given the sheer number of options. Unfortunately, there are a few translation issues that require some trial and error testing to figure out. For instance, instead of using “save” or “set” on the button used to finalize customizable options, the term “determine” is used.

There are a number of these little oddities in the app, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy enough to navigate.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Robotic Vacuum

Before you purchase a new robotic vacuum here are a few things you should consider:

  • The type of flooring in your house.
  • How many levels you have.
  • If you need mopping as well as vacuuming.
  • If you require advanced object avoidance for things like dog poop.
  • If you need bumpless navigation for fragile items.
  • If auto-emptying functionality is important to you.

Roidmi Eve Plus – Conclusion

A robotic vacuum is a great tool for keeping your floors clean without having to devote time to the task. The Roidmi Eve Plus Robotic Vacuum takes this ease of use to the next level with an auto-emptying dust bin with built-in deodorizing-particle generator, and a long list of highly useful features. 

This robot is exceptionally great for vacuuming and mopping hard flooring. Its long battery life and ability to save multiple maps also make it a great choice for large, multi-level homes.

To learn more about the Roidmi Eve Plus or to purchase your own, click here.

Sponsored Content: This is a sponsored advertorial paid for by the manufacturer. While we did do a hands-on test of this product, and the results mentioned are genuine, some test results have not been included in this article. The reader should carry out due diligence before purchasing.

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