Roborock Auto-Empty Dock Review

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roborock auto empty dock

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Key Features:

Up to eight weeks without emptying

Automated operation

Multi-stage filtering for reduced air contamination

Intelligent emptying algorithm

A Genuinely Useful Auto Empty Dock

Roborock recently released their first auto-empty dock. A device which the vacuum drives up (yes it has a ramp) onto and it proceeds to suck the dust out of the robotic vacuum through the main brush opening.

Compatible with the Roborock S7 robotic vacuum cleaner, this dock will remove the need for you to do the daily chore of emptying the dustbin – which makes it just that little bit easier to let the vacuum get to work… totally automated.

I’ve been using the Roborock Auto Empty dock for a few weeks now, and I can genuinely say that I would be happy to pay full price for this unit.

The main letdown is the fact that it needs a bag to operate. With today’s bagless vacuums – just a dustbin to empty would have been perfect.


  • Up to 8 weeks before emptying is needed
  • Automated functionality
  • Empties the dustbin completely


  • Requires a dust bag
  • Quite loud

Should You Buy It?

If the daily dustbin emptying drives you up the wall, then you will appreciate the fully automated functionality of the Roborock Auto empty Dock.

It really does work well and leaves nothing in the dustbin.

Just be aware that you will still need to change (and buy) the dust bag every 6-8 weeks.

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Roborock Auto Empty Dock Overview

Roborock auto empty dock
The Roborock auto-empty dock – it is quite large.

The way the auto empty dock operates is actually quite simple.

It uses a vacuum to suck out the debris from the dustbin through the main brush opening – which is quite unique when it comes to auto empty docks.

After the S7 has finished a cleaning session, it goes back to the dock – once the dock detects it is correctly positioned, it fires up and sucks the debris from the robotic vacuum cleaner into the dust bag.

It is quite loud, but it only activates for approximately 30 seconds.

The Set-Up

When you take the dock out of the box, the following things need to be done in order to use it:

  • Screw the base onto the dock (screwdriver tool included)
  • Remove the cover for the air inlet in the dustbin slot in the S7 robotic vacuum
  • Replace the S7 standard dustbin with the new one supplied (has a hinged door to allow air to be sucked through)
  • Plug it in

There were no programming or app settings to change, it just worked right away.

roborock s7 auto empty dustbin
The auto empty dock comes complete with a new auto-empty compatible dustbin for your Roborock S7. This has a special inlet in the side of it which lines up with the air inlet that is exposed as per the pic above.
roborock s7 air inlet
The Roborck S7 has a plastic cover in the dustbin slot that you need to remove to use the new dustbin.

How It Performs

The auto empty dock worked flawlessly every time – the vacuum would navigate back to the dock, onto the ramp after a cleaning session and the dock would activate and suck out almost every piece of debris in the dust bin into the dock.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and have not had to replace the dustbag in the dock yet. Although, the marketing tells me it will last up to 8 weeks – which, if true, I will be very happy with.

The dock also comes with built in HEPA filters to ensure nothing escapes back into the environment in your home – and these require cleaning periodically.

roborock auto empty dock closeup
A close up of the suction port where the dust is pulled through
dust bag in roborock auto empty dock
The dust bag installed in the dock

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