Roborock Auto-Empty Dock Review (In Progress)

roborock auto empty dock

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Key Features:

Up to eight weeks without emptying

Optional dustbag

Multi stage filtering for reduced air contamination

Intelligent emptying algorithm

Does This Roborock Auto-Empty dock Actually Save You Time?

Roborock have just sent me their latest product – the auto-empty dock to check out.

Compatible with the Roborock S7 robotic vacuum cleaner, this dock will remove the need for you to empty out the dust bin on your cleaning robot – which depending on the size of your house, may be a daily chore for you.

But does it work as promised? Well come back and check soon for our full review – but the initial impressions are good!


  • Looms impressive
  • Saves time
  • more coming soon


  • Takes up more space than the standard dock
  • More coming soon

Should You Buy It?

**Review in progress** I am yet to fully review the Roborock Auto-Dock, but one thing I can say is Roborock products are always reliable and well made.

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Roborock Auto Empty Dock Overview

Check back soon for our full review, but in the meantime, here are some photos and a few notes on my first impressions.

Roborock auto empty dock
The Roborock auto-empty dock – it is quite large.
roborock auto empty dock closeup
A close up of the suction port where the dust is pulled through
dust bag in roborock auto empty dock
The dust bag installed in the dock
roborock s7 air inlet
The Roborck S7 has a plastic cover in the dustbin slot that you need to remove to use the new dustbin.
roborock s7 auto empty dustbin
The auto empty dock comes complete with a new auto-empty compatible dustbin for your Roborock S7. This has a special inlet in the side of it which lines up with the air inlet that is exposed as per the pic above.
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