Roborock Announce S7 Robotic Vacuum With Sonic Mopping

Roborock have today announced at CES 2021 the upcoming release of their latest robot Vacuum – The S7.

This looks to be a very promising addition to an already awesome range of robotic vacuums, with the key new feature being the advanced sonic mopping functionality.

roborock S7

“Our goal with every Roborock product is convenience,” said Richard Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Roborock.

“The robot mopping process in the past has been arduous, needing customer time and input to set barriers or zones. The S7 completely transforms the mopping experience through surface recognition technology designed to automatically lift the mop element and avoid carpets, making mopping completely effortless while also delivering a deeper clean than ever before.”

Due to be available in the USA on March 24, the S7 will feature:

  • a sonic mop that scrubs your floor at up to 3,000 times a minute
  • Intelligent mop lifting that removes the need to program no mop zones. The unit will automatically lift the mop when it detects carpet.
  • Powerful 2,500 Pa of suction
  • An extra large 5200mAh battery for extended cleaning times

If you have read any of our past reviews you on robotic vacuums you will know that we love Roborock.

We have already reviewed the S5 Max and the S6 MaxV robotic vacuums.

Their products are always high quality, and you get the features of the more expensive brands for a lot less expense.

Roborock also commits to regularly updating firmware of their networkable products. This means that their products are always improving and often have completely new features added after their initial release.

We have now received our review unit. Read our detailed Roborock S7 Review here.

You can learn more about the upcoming Roborock S7 at their product page here.

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