Proclamation Duo Cookware Review

Proclamation Duo

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Key Features:

Multi-ply stainless steel

Versatile hybrid pot and wide surface skillet

Handles don’t conduct heat

Space-saving design

Reduce the clutter in your cupboards without restricting your cooking options.

If you’ve never had nice pans, using something as beautiful and well-made as the Proclamation Duo cookware set can be a little intimidating. At least, that’s how I felt when I received these pans to review.

But any reservations I had were quickly dismissed when I put this set to use. 

As long as you show a little restraint with your heat settings and a little patience during your dinner prep, these pots are absolutely amazing to work with. And even if you do go a little overboard, they are surprisingly easy to clean and can even be tossed into the dishwasher.

The design is brilliant. The Hybrid Pot does the job of half the pots and pans in my cupboard and the skillet is large enough to take on huge meals. I also liked the light, low-profile lid that’s easy to store and doesn’t require a potholder to lift, even after hours of cooking.

Whether you are looking to tame down your pot collection or stocking a brand new kitchen, I cannot recommend this intelligently designed, US-made cookware set enough.


  • Can fry, braise, bake, boil, sear, roast, and more
  • Space-saving design
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Made in the USA
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Cooking with these takes patience
  • Not efficient for cooking small meals
  • Pricey

Should You Buy It?

The only thing not to love about this cookware set might be the price. But considering these are high-quality, multi-ply stainless steel pans that are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty, I say they are more than worth the investment!

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Proclamation Duo Review

Proclamation Duo on stove

The Proclamation Duo cookware set is absolutely gorgeous and ingeniously designed for functionality and versatility. The Hybrid Pot combines all the best qualities of a wok, a soup pot, and a deep fryer. Meanwhile, the skillet provides the perfect, wide surface for frying, sauteing, and flipping flapjacks.

Put them together to ensure consistent heating for long-cooking dishes and gain extra height for baking bread.

Each pot features a long, hollow cast, dual finish handle that stays cool to the touch, and a hinge buddy-handle to hold the pots in place when used together. The set also includes a light, low-profile lid that fits each pot and stores nicely between them in the cupboard.

The Proclamation Duo is meant to give every home chef the opportunity to cook on quality cookware, no matter how they are cooking and without overloading the cupboards.

The Packaging

Proclamation Duo packaging

There was no way these pans were getting damaged in transit! The Proclamation box—sturdy in its own right—came packed inside a much larger box with a lot of crumpled paper in between.

Inside, the pans were each tucked into their own cardboard frame, but easy enough to pull out. 

Despite the excess amount of cardboard, it was apparent that Proclamation had put some thought into sustainability when putting together the package. The only plastic used at all was a small bag for the lid. There was no styrofoam or other excess non-recyclables to deal with.

And, as a fun add-on, the pack included a cloth Proclamation tote for easy lid storage.

The Cookware

Proclamation Duo on stove heating up

The maximum recommended temperature for these stainless steel pots is 500 degrees–that’s about medium heat. For an impatient chef who religiously cooks on medium-high, I knew this would pose a challenge for me.

What I quickly found was that these pots get plenty hot, even on lower heat settings, as long as you give them time to heat up. The heat level seemed to be more intense, but also more balanced than what I get out of my cheaper pans on the same temperature setting.

Hybrid Pot

Proclamation Duo Hybrid Pot cooking food

I fell in love with this pot almost instantly. It is just such a brilliant design!

The Hybrid Pot is similar to a traditional wok with rounded, usable sides, but with a much flatter bottom for more even heating. It is also a lot deeper than a normal wok or similar hybrid pan. This thing is deep and large enough to boil a package of spaghetti in. 

But it does a lot more tricks than that.

You can saute your entire garden in this thing—at once! Then you can add your sauce and pasta, top with chicken, mix everything together, and still have room to spare. And all that in a package that is light and easy to work with.


Proclamation Duo Skillet with oil

Like the Hybrid Pot, the skillet comes in a familiar form but with enough additional features to make it crazy versatile.

To start, this is a huge frying pan. The company brags that it has enough space to fit six salmon fillets. They aren’t lying.

But even more important to the versatility aspect are the perfectly curved walls. This curvature creates an extended cooking surface that doesn’t allow food to get stuck along the edges. You can even use those curves to flip your flapjacks like a professional.

I have a similar-sized cast-iron skillet that I have always loved. The Proclamation one cooked just as well but weighs less than half of what that one does. Unless I have to cook something on high heat, I’ll be reaching for this easier-to-use skillet from here out.

The Proclamation skillet is also available in carbon steel. Check out our article on the best cookware material to learn the pros and cons that come with carbon steel and stainless steel pans.


This set comes with a single lid that is elegant but simple compared to the pans themselves. It is light, low-profile, and creates a nice seal on either pot.

All my other pot lids are glass. While I miss the ability to watch the food cook with this Proclamation lid, I do love how easy this one is to move around and to store. Plus, the hollow cast handle doesn’t get hot even with extended use, unlike my heavier-duty pot lids.

The Duo

Proclamation Duo Skillet and Hybrid Pot used together

Of course, the most notable feature of this set is the ability to use both pans together to braise meats and bake bread.

The patented hinge handle design makes it easy to connect the skillet securely onto the Hybrid Pot. And the multi-ply stainless steel construction helps distribute heat evenly through what basically becomes a dutch oven.

With these two pans, you can easily do the job of a full pot set plus a few kitchen gadgets.

How Do They Cook?

Proclamation Duo cooking with diced onions on the side

As I mentioned before, the keys to cooking with these high-quality pots are patience and low heat.

If you are like me and have spent most of your life cooking with inferior cookware, you’ll need to recalibrate your go-to cooking temps. 

A combination of the multi-ply steel and rounded shape of these pots allow heat to move through them with ultra-efficiency. It may take a little more time to get those onions golden, but they’ll come out more evenly cooked than you could ever achieve with a bargain pan.

When you follow the motto of low and slow, it is also easy to avoid having food stick to these low-stick, chemical-free pans.

How Do They Cleanup?

If you do end up going too aggressive with the heat, you’ll end up with a bit of charry mess on the bottom of your pan.

Thanks to a demanding toddler, this happened to me while making quesadillas. After the pan had cooled, I filled it with warm soapy water and left it to soak overnight. By morning, I could unstick the burnt oil simply by running my finger through it.

With a little elbow grease, the skillet cleaned up to its original shine. After less disastrous cooking sessions, I was able to put the pots straight into the dishwasher and have them come out with a touch of patina but otherwise clean enough to use.

Learn more: How to clean stainless steel pans


You won’t be able to find a cookware set like this one anywhere else, but if it’s premier cookware you’re after, we recommend checking out Legend Cookware.

They have multiple lines of high-quality, purpose-crafted pots and pans for every need, including some of the best cookware set we’ve ever tried.  

Their 3 and 5-ply stainless steel sets are perfect for those looking to grow their kitchen as well as those just starting off. Both perform incredibly well and are built with attention to detail that shows in every gorgeous curve. But for a cooking experience that will make you feel like a New York professional chef, we highly recommend the purpose-built 5-ply stainless steel copper core set.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cookware Set

Investing in a quality cookware set is a great way to improve your cooking and expand on the type of cooking you can do.

But most cookware sets come with multiple pots, pans, and skillets that can quickly take up all your extra kitchen storage space.

The Proclamation Duo set brings all the versatility of a normal cookware set but in a compact, two-pan package. With these pots, you’ll be able to cook all the same dishes (and more) you can with a typical set, but only have to sacrifice as much space as it takes to store one large stockpot.

Storage space is one thing to consider before investing in a pan set. Here are a few more questions to raise before you select your product:

  • Do you prefer non-stick surfaces or chemical-free?
  • How long do you expect your cookware to last?
  • How tough are you on your pots and pans (eg. how important is durability)?
  • Do you want to be able to toss your pans in the dishwasher?


The Proclamation Duo cookware set gives you all the benefits of a huge pan set without the space commitment.

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