The Best Milwaukee Cordless Tools Combo Kit Reviews

When it comes to purchasing the best battery powered tools on the market, you are hard pressed to go past Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee cordless tools combo kits are known for being high quality and their ability to keep on going for many, many years. 

These kits come in a few different varieties, the are scaled from those with just 2 or 3 tools, right up to the kits with 9 different tools. 

9 tools hey? That should keep you out of trouble for a while!

Let’s take a look at the most popular kits available.

best Milwaukee cordless tools

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Our Favorite Kit

Best Starter Set

Great Value

M18 2 Tool Combo Kit with 3 Batteries

If you are looking to make your first purchase of a “real” cordless drill set then this kit is a great place to start.

Containing a 18V drill, driver and 3 batteries – you will be ready for any job for years to come.

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Milwaukee Cordless Tools Combo Kits Reviews

Here are our quick reviews on the top combo kits.

Milwaukee #2494-22 - M12 2 Tool Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

If you don’t have the budget to jump straight into the M18 range, then the M12 is the next best thing. 

It’s 12v as opposed to 18v, so won’t quite have the same torque as the M18 tools – but it is still MUCH better than any of the cheaper brands you have tried.

This kit has a cordless drill and an impact driver which will give you plenty of screwing and drilling power.

The kit comes with the standard 12v 1.5AH battery as well as a higher capacity 4AH version.

A contractor bag is also there to store your new Milwaukee tools in!

If you need a drill kit to put in the cupboard for the odd job here and there then this is the perfect place to start.

Milwaukee #2697-22 - M18 2 Tool Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

This two tool kit from the M18 range is a great starting point if you are new to the world of “real” cordless tools.

Milwaukee is no cheapo cordless drill set, and the quality shows through from the very first time you pick up the tools.

This kit has a cordless drill with hammer functionality to cover you for almost all jobs around the home. Also included is an impact driver which will give you all the screwing power you need.

Also thrown in are two x 3aH batteries and an additional 4aH battery.

Any what kit is complete without a contractor bag to keep it all in!

Milwaukee #2696-24 - M18 4 Tool Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

Stepping up a bit, we move into the 4 tool range here. 

This kit includes the standard cordless drill and impact driver, but also adds in a reciprocating saw and a flashlight.

Included are two x 3aH batteries and an additional 4aH battery.

A larger version of the contractor bag is also in the kit to keep all your tools together!

If you are a bit of a DIYer around the house or even a professional handyman then this kit is a good choice you.

Milwaukee #2696-29 - M18 9 Tool Combo Kit

Kit Contains:

Getting into the serious stuff now, the 9 tool kit will make any contractors job easier.

Im not going to list all of the stuff included again here, but if you look at the list above you can see there that is a tool for every job.

I will mention the multi-voltage charger though – as this can be handy if you do happen to have some of the 12 volt tools hanging around as well.

Milwaukee Cordless Tools Combo Kits

There are many other Milwaukee cordless combo kits available but we cant list them all here. If the kits we have listed above don’t fit your needs, then there are plenty of other kits available from Zoro here.

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