How To Install a Garbage Disposal

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garbage disposal installation

how to install a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal has become imperative in today’s modern home kitchen, however they do to be replaced now and again.

Whether you turned on the disposal without the realization that silverware or glass had fallen below or the disposal has exceeded its usefulness, these step-by-step instructions will have your kitchen back in working order in no time.

Items Required To Install a Garbage Disposal

  • Adjustable Pliers
  • Circuit Tester
  • Flat Head and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • PVC Saw
  • Electrical Caps
  • Electrical Tape
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Plumber’s Putty
  • Wide Rubber Band
  • Wire Clamp
  • Wire Nuts

How To Install a Garbage Disposal

Step 1. Preliminary Measures

garbage disposal guide

Once you are certain the new disposal will fit into the existing space provided, you are ready to begin!

Turn off the electricity to the kitchen from the breaker box. Disconnect the drain lines and stuff the primary drain with an old rag to avoid leaks.

At the base of the sink flange there will be a large nut. Loosen it and allow it to fall down and advance the strainer piece through the base of the sink to remove.

Step 2 and Three. Remove Old Putty

Use the flat head screwdriver to remove the putty around the opening of the sink carefully and follow up with a rag until all of the putty has been removed and the opening is clean.

Step 3. The Snap Ring

snap ringTo access the snap ring, turn over the mounting assembly.

Loosen the screws with either screwdriver and your fingers. Use the flat head screwdriver to separate the snap ring and the sink flange.

Now, the mounting assembly parts can be disassembled. Pay special attention to the fiber gasket as it can be easily damaged.

Step 4. New Putty

Roll out a hefty amount of putty. Place it and press it firmly around the sink opening.

Over the sink flange, place the fiber gasket followed by the metal backup ring. Hold them in place as you return the mounting ring placed gently over the sink flange.

This should leave the sink flange resting to the backup ring.

Step 5. Rubber Band

Now, a rubber band with a large width should be placed around the sink flange as a way to secure the parts.

Find the snap ring groove and make sure the rubber band is placed above it.

Step 6. Again, the Snap Ring.

The snap ring can be returned by moving it up the sink flange.

Once it is in place, it will pop into the groove. Do not forget to take off the rubber band.

To secure the entire assembly against the sink, tighten the mounting screws in place.

Now, you can wipe off any putty that may have come out the sides from the sink flange.

Step 7. The Plug

Now, you can knock the plug out before you connect the dishwasher line.

You want to push the plug so that it goes down inside the unit. To do so, turn the garbage disposal on the side.

Now, push a flat head screwdriver into the plug. You may have to tap it all the way around for it to successfully go down.

Step 8. Fiber Gasket and Backup Ring

Return the disposal upright and remove the fiber gasket and backup ring.

Flip over the disposal again to remove the plug, and turn it back upright to return the fiber gasket and backup ring.

Step 9. Wire Clamp and Access Cover

Double check the power is turned off successfully.

Find the electrical hole and attach a wire clamp.

Remove the access hole cover by removing the single screw that holds it to the base of the garbage disposal system.

Once the cover is removed, pull through the wires for the disposal.

Step 11. Return Access Cover

Once wires are secure, place them into the access hole, return the cover, and screw tight.

Now, tighten the electrical clamp in place.

Step 12. Mounting Gasket and Mounting Assembly

Insert the top end of the disposal system’s mounting gasket into the mounting assembly.

Secure the lower mounting ring by turning to the right until the tabs feel tight.

Grab your adjustable pliers to lock down the tabs over the sides of the ridges.

Step 13. The P-Trap

Connect the P-trap to both the trap arm and the tailpiece to reattach the drain lines.

Take the T-fitting and put the discharge tube inside, however you want to keep the slip nut slightly loose.

Into the disposal system, put in the other side of the discharge tube.

Take the provided disposal system’s bolt to secure the metal flange with a screwdriver.

Next, fully tighten the slip nuts you previously left slightly loose.

Step 14. The Bell

Carefully move the bell of the disposal system over the top of the disposal drain and clamp it securely.

Now, move the ball over the disposal’s barbed connection from the dishwasher.

Again, clamp it securely, this time using a screwdriver.

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