Make House Hunting Easier By Creating a Checklist

house hunting checklistBuying a new home can be a beautiful, but tricky experience. Sometimes people fall in love with a house and don’t focus on what’s important. That’s why you need to have a checklist, so you don’t get swept up in the hype. The checklist is something you should keep in mind but also be prepared to make compromises. Here’s what you need to consider when house hunting.

Check Gas and Electricity

Now comes the part of house inspecting, and gas and electricity should be at the top of your list.

  • Check if all electrical sockets work
  • Are there enough sockets and are they appropriately located
  • Now move on to the heating system. Does it work?
  • Are other appliances also in working condition?

Keep in mind that items you find that do not work may cost you quite a bit to fix later. Opt for house you will not have to remodel as soon as you move into – unless that is what you are after of course!


Plumbing is also quite important because it can be tricky to fix.

  • You can start your inspection by testing all the plumbing fixtures and noting down all potential leaks and noises
  • Make sure you check for hot water and water pressure too
  • If there are no windows in the bathroom, check for an exhaust fan – you should have at least one of those ways of ventilation in the bathroom.

Check the Exterior

When it comes to the exterior, pay extra attention to the roof. Also, check the gutters and the drains. Clogged gutters and drains can actually cost you thousands of dollars in expensive water damage repairs.

You can also check the woodwork for any signs of rotting or decay. Think about someone in your family who knows these things and keep your eyes wide open for any suspicious thing.

buying a houseCheck out the Storage

If you want to have an organised home, you must look for a house with some good storage solutions. Compare the storage space such as cupboards and wardrobes to the space you have in your current home. This way you will know if there’s enough room. There are some solutions to small spaces so do not let this thing stop you for buying a house you love.

Don’t forget to check the available storage in the garage – it’s often forgotten until you need it!

Visit the House During Different Times of the Day

If you want to get a clear picture of the house and the neighborhood, make sure you view the house both in the morning and in the evening. Maybe the neighborhood is really quiet during the day, but at night, it can be a completely different story. Who knows, your first neighbors could be some college students who like to party all night and sleep all day.

Bring a Tape Measure

You can’t know if some spaces are too small to fit your existing furniture. Eyeballing can get you into a lot of trouble, so better take a tape measure with you. Feel free to take measurements of your furniture and its new home, but don’t buy a house just because it can fit your old pieces. Sometimes it’s just cheaper to get new stuff that fits your new house perfectly.

Check out the Location

Your new home should be located within easy reach of certain places you’ll be visiting every day or at least regularly, such as work, school, health care and entertainment centers. Gather information about traffic and parking details and public transport lines. Also, make sure the neighborhood matches your lifestyle, and that it’s safe.

Make House Hunting Easier By Creating a ChecklistSet Your Priorities

This is probably the most important thing during house hunting. Make a list of all the features you want your home to have and rank each feature in terms of importance.

For instance, if you have a green thumb, you might put “a spacious yard” somewhere high on your priority list. Make sure the home you choose meets all the points from the upper part of your list. If you don’t know what to put on your list of priorities, you can search the internet or check out some display homes and draw inspiration from them.

Take plenty of notes

After you’ve seen more than three houses, you’re going to start to forget and mix details. It’s best if you note down things during or right after the house viewing. Your notes should include first impressions, likes, dislikes and questions for the agent. This way you can compare houses, judge them based on pros and cons and help inform your agent about your findings. The agent can then make new listings and find properties that better fit your needs.

Buying a new house can be a huge decision, and without a clear list of priorities and things to inspect, it can be a little overwhelming. But, if you make a good list and a system of comparing and rating houses, you will end up with a home that’s a perfect fit.

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