Honeywell HY-280 Quiet Set Tower Fan Review

honeywell hy-280

Price: Check local price on Amazon

Perfect for: Smaller rooms where a floor standing fan is preferred.

Honeywell HY-280 Key Specifications

Fan Type: Tower fan
Noise Level on Highest Setting: 55 dB
Noise Level on Lowest Setting: 38 dB
Max Airflow: 350 CFM

I remember the first tower fan I owned, I never used it when I was sleeping because it sounded like someone had started up a rotary engine in my bedroom. Well this certainly is not the case with the Honeywell HY-280 tower fan, this is one of the quietest tower fans I have ever heard.

The Honeywell HY-280’s features include:

  • 8 speed levels
  • Digital display with adjustable thermostat
  • Shut off timer
  • Remote control

I love the shut off timer on this fan, you can set it before you go to bed and the fan will automatically switch itself off when the preset amount of time has elapsed so you don’t wake up cold in the early hours of the morning. You will have no trouble falling asleep with the HY-28o in your room as it is whisper quiet and the oscillating function works well and easily fills even larger rooms with moving air.

honeywell hy 280 quietset whole room tower fan

This fan has a tiny foot print and easily sits in a corner or packs away into a closet.

We found only a couple of things that we didn’t love about this fan:

  • The display is quite bright, and it really illuminates a room at night. If you love a really dark room for sleeping then this fan is not for you.
  • It can be a bit un-sturdy on the base, so don’t use this around babies or even toddlers that might grab a hold of it.

The Honeywell HY-280 is available from Amazon.


Other fans that are worth considering can be found on our best quiet fans list.

Honeywell HY-280 Tower Fan Review
Air Flow7.5
Other Features9
Space Saving and Quiet
A very quiet tower fan that takes up very little floor space, full of additional features that we found really helpful.

Pricing last updated on 2018-10-22 at 10:14 / affiliate links - Details

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