Write For Us! Guest Post Guidelines

So you want to submit an article to Essential Home and Garden hey? That’s great! We LOVE high quality content and will not hesitate to post it on our site.

So whats the catch? 

Well, it’s pretty simple really……

We only accept high quality posts that will rank organically.

We DO NOT accept your run of the mill guest posts titles, and you WILL BE REQUIRED to to some keyword research and present it to us first.

We go into this in more detail below, but directly below are the most important points.

  • Throw Away Your Current Titles

    Seriosuly, we are not interested in your usual guest post article titles. You MUST do some keyword research and propose an article that will actually be read.

  • Backlinks

    We do NOT link to low quality sites and we reserve the right to remove links or add a nofollow tag.

  • Organic Traffic

    If your article fails to bring organic traffic within 3-6 months then it will be deleted

  • Article Quality

    Your article should be of the highest quality, contain no spelling or grammatical errors and be written by a native English speaker.

Still interested?

Awesome! Keep reading for the fine print and to learn about the next step to writing an article for Essential Home and Garden.

Summary Of Steps

In order to make it as simple as possible to get a guest post approved and online, you MUST follow these steps. For further details on each step scroll down.

If you do not follow these steps then it is likely I will just stop responding to your emails.

  1. Choose a topic that is relevant to Essential Home and Garden
  2. Carry out Keyword research
  3. Submit proposed article title and keyword research to us for approval
  4. Once we have approved your keywords and article topic – write the article!
  5. Submit it to us for approval and wait

Step 1 - Choose a Topic

Choose a general topic that you want to write about. 

It must be relevant to our site and be of interest to our readers

Step 2 – Keyword Research

You WILL be required to do some keyword research and propose an article topic that targets a specific keyword.

The reason for this is that every article on our site must attract a reasonable amount of organic visitors.

If an article does not receive organic visitors within 6 months then it is generally deleted from the site.

Now in saying that, Essential Home and Garden does have a reasonable amount of authority and it doesn’t take much effort to get most articles to rank.

So the first step is to research and pick a keyword to target. I highly suggest a long tail keyword and these are generally easier to rank for.

I suggest using the following guidelines:

  • Be under an AHREFS keyword difficulty of 10 (can be higher if you think you can write an article that will rank)
  • Have an AHREFS monthly search volume of over 150
  • Do a quick google of the keyword and look at the first page – do these results look like something that Essential Home and Garden can beat in ranking? Great! If not….then look for another keyword
  • The keyword should also be relevant to other content on the site, this way it has relevancy and will be easier to provide internal links to.

Once you have found a keyword to target, send me the info on the proposed keyword and the proposed article title along with a quick summary of how the article might look.

I will then be able to tell you if it is suitable or not.

Step 3 – Get Your Title and Keyword Approved

Once you have done your keyword research and have come up with an appropriate keyword to write around and a title to go with it – get back in contact with us and tell us your ideas.

The type of info you should send us includes:

  • Keyword research 
    • Searches per month
    • Keyword Difficulty
  • Title ideas
  • A general overview of the article including:
    • word count
    • rough headings
    • other info that might help

Now – We are NOT looking for your usual guest post boring titles.

Examples of titles that we are NOT looking for include:

  •  Cool Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home
  • X Styling Secrets to Make Your Home Look More Attractive
  • X Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Your Small Home

And so on….get the idea?

Your titles should be written around your chosen keyword.

Step 4 – Writing the Article

Once we have approved your keyword and article title then you can proceed to write it!


The article should be written in perfect American English and contain no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

Quality of content is SUPER IMPORTANT and low quality articles will be immediately rejected.

Content should be interesting, engaging and not full of fluff. REAL info only that is backed up by real data and evidence.

We don’t have time to go back and forth to tell you what to fix, so unless it is minor errors that need fixing – then I’m sorry but it is unlikely we will continue working with you.

Tone of Articles

Unless otherwise specified, these articles should be written in a conversational tone – as though you were sitting down with a friend discussing the topic.

Injecting some humor into your writing is also good.

We still want to provide stats and proof to back up our info, but it should be presented in a way that doesn’t come across as ‘preachy’.

Focus on Detail

Detail is important. Go into how a feature works, or why it should be considered a benefit to the user.

Don’t just assume the reader is going to know the terminology used by the manufacturer – explain this in clear and concise terms.

“Scanable Content”

Lots of subheadings, short paragraphs and intelligent use of bolds and italics. Content that’s easy on the eye and can be scanned quickly is much easier to read.

We don’t want articles with walls of content because that immediately turns off readers.


While it is not a requirement that you provide images, it is recommended to include some with your post.

You should have the right to use these images and they should be royalty free. 

We love images that help the user understand the article. e.g. graphs, infographics, labeled diagrams etc

Linking Out

Provide helpful links to relevant sites that provide statistics, quotes, studies etc.

Ensure all links are only to highly relevant pages that are of high quality.

At all times we reserve the right to remove links all together or to add a nofollow tag. 

I know you are probably only writing this content for a backlink – but all links are subject to approval by us and the following rules apply:

  • We link only to high-quality sites
  • Anchor text cannot be commercial (e.g. “buy kitchen sink”)
  • Anchor text cannot be unrealistic and over optimized (e.g. “plumber in new york”)
  • You may link to pages with real, relevant info only – No product pages, home pages or category pages without prior approval
  • Place links to a few different authority sites, NOT just one site

I highly suggest that you check with us and get approval for your link and anchor text before writing the content – this will ensure you do not waste your time.

Also, link to other internal pages on essentialhomeandgarden.com where possible. A quick search in the site search bar for relevant terms will find internal linking opportunities.

Keyword Density

While you may be given a list of keywords to write around, I do not provide required keyword densities.

Write naturally around the subject and the keywords will flow as required.

Use variations of the keyword. E.g. ‘best garage floor paint’ could also be ‘best paint for garage floor’

I can provide a page optimizer pro report for your keyword if you like so you can write around their guidelines – just ask!

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