Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver Review

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Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill

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Multiple torque settings and two speeds

Built-in LED light

Very powerful 24V operation

Compact, Lightweight Drill for Tackling Household Projects and More

The Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver is an impressively powerful tool in a much less bulky package than your average drill.

Are you a homeowner looking for a compact drill to keep around for those inevitable remodeling projects? Greenworks’ compact size combined with the small 1.5Ah batteries makes it ideal for having on hand for those just-in-case moments. Even the charger and carrying case are more compact than the competitions’.

More of a crafty carpenter looking for a tool that can handle it all? This drill has the power and versatility to take on a surprising number of jobs. Its highest speed and torque setting can quickly drive long screws into hardwoods without a pilot hole.

The Greenworks 24V Drill/Driver is on the pricier end but well worth the investment, especially since you get extra power and a sleeker design.

Review Criteria Ratings

Battery Performance4/5


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very powerful 24V operation
  • Multiple torque settings and two speeds
  • Plenty of extra features
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not built for serious abuse
  • On the pricier end
  • Fewer metal components

Should You Buy It?

This is a versatile drill that is comfortable to use and easy to store. It would be an excellent investment for the woodworking hobbyist or average homeowner.

For constant hard use, you may be better off with a heavy-duty drill made to handle a lot of abuse.

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Product Overview

complete set of Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver

The Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver easily tackles tough jobs around the house and in the workshop. It features a sleek, lightweight design and comfortable handle grip, making it more of a joy to use than your standard power tool.

The set comes with one drill, two 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries, a petite charger, and a handy carrying bag. If you need a higher battery capacity, you can upgrade to 2Ah or 4Ah. These are interchangeable with most of their power and yard tools.

Greenworks has been providing quality lawn and garden tools to the US market since 2009. While initially known for their electric mowers and weed whackers, they have expanded their lineup to include multiple power tools and utility vehicles.

Globe Group owns Greenworks; a corporation focused on developing innovative, battery-powered tools for the next generation. They have produced some of the most powerful batteries on the market and back most of their products with long warranty periods and hassle-free customer service.

Their 24V drill is as lightweight and easy to use as your typical 12V drill but with more power than your industry-leading 20V products.

Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver with carrying case

This compact tool is full of great features, including a built-in LED light, easy-use toolless chuck, an 18-position clutch, and a two-speed gearbox. The standard 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries have a longer runtime than most competitors and provide a ton of power without adding a lot of weight. The included charger and carrying case are as impressively compact as well. 

Greenworks 24V drill promises a lot in a lightweight package. But does it deliver?

I had a chance to try this power tool out for myself. Keep reading to see my full Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver Review and know if it stood up to the hype.

How It Performs

I had a chance to use the Greenworks 24V drill/driver. I found a lot to love about this impressive little tool and only a few things that had me questioning whether it was worth the higher price.


The name of this drill tells you to expect a lot more power than your typical 12V tool. Compared to an 18V drill, this extra power wasn’t instantly apparent, but it was there.

I tested this drill with a variety of tasks. I started with a long list of household chores I had been putting off—things like putting new shelving up and getting my stubborn dishwasher anchored. The Greenworks 24V drill had no problem taking on these simple tasks.

Next, I compared the Greenworks 24V to my tried-and-true Porter Cable 18V.

I did many tests with different types of wood and sizes of nails. For each test, I did one repetition with a pilot hole and one without.

The Greenworks drill proved to be able to do everything the professional series Porter Cable could. It had no problem driving a three-inch wood screw through a 2-by-4 without a pilot hole. And it was powerful enough to keep the screw straight and drive it well below the surface of the wood.

The most noticeable difference was that the Greenworks drill was a bit quieter than the Porter Cable. 

Set at low, Greenworks seemed less powerful than the Porter Cable. But there was a more noticeable difference between each setting on the Greenworks, and the higher settings all seemed fairly comparable between the two. 

The fact that the lower settings were less powerful wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Such focused power output can help extend the battery life and allow for more precise handling.

Overall, I couldn’t find a single job that this drill wasn’t powerful enough to complete.


There are many great features on this drill that make it highly usable in all sorts of situations.

It has 18 clutch settings, so you can find the exact torque needed to get the job done without draining excess battery power. It also has two-speed settings to tailor your power output needs further.

Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver in action

The directional buttons at the top of the handgrip are well labeled, so there’s no guessing about whether you are drilling forward or backing your screw out. These buttons, uniquely, can also be toggled to the neutral position. This is necessary to load and unload bits.

I like this manual control over the keyless chuck. Unlike other drills where you have to hold the end of the drill in place and squeeze the trigger to tighten or loosen the chuck, this method doesn’t put excess strain on your hand. 

However, it is a bit more challenging to get the chuck as tight as it needs to be. This is going to be especially true if you lack grip strength.

built-in LED light feature of the Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver

Like most drills that come out these days, this one features an LED work light. This light stays on well after disengaging the trigger, which is excellent for checking your work.

Despite this long list of features, I found the thing that makes this drill the most useful is its slim build and lightweight design.

It was easier to maneuver than my other drills and able to get into tighter spaces with ease. A professional carpenter isn’t likely to care or notice this distinction, but hobbyists and homeowners will absolutely love this feature. 

Battery Performance

Greenworks 24V drill battery and charging dock

The Greenworks 24V drill features a lithium-ion battery, just as all modern Greenworks tools do. The tool comes with two of the standard 1.5Ah batteries, which carry a runtime on par with other batteries of this size.

For the average homeowner taking on standard projects, these two batteries will be more than enough. They charge relatively quickly and are lightweight. You can easily switch them out on the off chance you do run one down. 

Greenworks DD24L00 battery’s test button

If you do need a longer runtime, you can upgrade to the 2Ah battery without gaining much in the way of weight. 4Ah batteries are also available but are much bulkier and weigh more than the other two options.

These batteries are rechargeable via the included charger, which is substantially smaller than your typical tool charger. Instead of acting as a full dock for the batteries, it only fits over the contact portion. This is a great feature if your workshop or garage is short on space.

You can see how much life is left in your battery by pressing the test button on the front. This is a convenient feature, especially if your batteries have been sitting for a while and you’re not sure if they have power left or are nearly dead.

using the Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver’s battery as a powerbank

These Greenworks batteries have another trick up their sleeve: they can charge your iPhone. Each of the batteries has a USB port on the top that can charge or run most USB accessories. This is a fun little gimmick and one that might come in handy if you’re working away from home.


Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver side view

I was very impressed with this drill’s power and functionality. And I had no qualms with the batteries or how long they lasted. The only thing I am a bit hesitant to rave about is the quality.

Now, that is not to say this isn’t a quality-built tool. 

It seems to be well put-together and certainly stood up perfectly to all the tests I put it through. Other users have had similar experiences, with very few reporting issues with wear over time. The drill comes with a 3-year warranty, which does speak somewhat to the company’s expectations for its durability.

With that said, this drill does have a lot more plastic components than most. Aside from the chuck teeth, there really isn’t any metal visible. The chuck rotator ring, which is metal on all my professional-grade drills, is plastic on this one.

This excess of plastic does help bring the weight down, which is one of the features I really love about this tool. But, it’s hard to imagine it holding up to the abuse of a professional contractor.

For that reason, I would happily recommend this tool to any homeowner or hobbyist looking for a reliable, powerful drill that can complete any job you throw at it. But for those in need of a drill around the job site, you’re probably better off opting for a bulkier drill made to withstand a lot of abuse.


The Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill is a great buy for homeowners with many projects and hobbyist artisans spending a lot of time in the workshop. But if you fall on either side of that description, you may be better off with something else.

For those homeowners looking for a reliable drill to use around the house that doesn’t cost a fortune, the BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Drill/Driver is a great choice. This drill is decently lightweight and includes many of the same great features as the Greenworks but costs about half as much. It isn’t as powerful but is still plenty dependable for everyday home use.

For those on the other end of the spectrum looking for an extra-durable, very powerful drill, the Bosch 18V EC Brushless Hammer Drill/Driver is worth a look. This drill features a full-metal chuck and is built to take a lot of abuse. It has a huge number of features and still costs a touch less than the Greenworks drill.

FeaturesGreenworks 24VBlack + Decker 20VBosch 18V
Clutch settings182421
Best featuresPowerful, lightweightAffordable includes a bit setDurable, all-metal chuck

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are a homeowner, then a reliable drill is a necessary tool to have around. But how much you should spend on that drill, how powerful it needs to be, and what kind of features it must have will depend on the types of jobs you’ll be using it for.

Here are a few things you should consider before purchasing your new drill.

  • How much are you going to use it? The battery is one of the more expensive pieces of a drill. If you only plan to use your drill for short, sporadic projects, you can get away with a smaller, cheaper battery.
  • What kind of projects are you going to use it for? Drilling into drywall and slamming in small screws doesn’t require a lot of power. If you plan to use your drill for easy projects, save some money with a less powerful drill. But if you plan to tackle more difficult projects, you’ll want something uber-powerful and dependable.
  • How are your grip and arm strength? A drill isn’t a big tool, but it does require considerable grip and strength to use for extended periods. If you struggle in either of these areas, a lightweight drill is a must.
  • What extras do you need? For more complex projects, multiple clutch settings and speeds are necessary. A work light is also a good thing to have in most cases. Some kits also come with carrying bags, extra batteries, and bit cases.


Whether you are a serious contractor or someone living in a home that isn’t perfect (and what home is?), you will need a drill. The Greenworks DD24L00 24V drill is a great option for those somewhere in the middle.

It has enough power and functionality to take on any project. But its lightweight build and compact design mean it is best suited for hobbyist and homeowner projects. This drill is a touch on the expensive side but worth it for those looking for a unique combination of power and ease of use.

To learn more about what the Greenworks 24V drill/driver has to offer, click here.

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