EGO Power+ LM2000 20-Inch 56-Volt Electric Mower Review

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EGO Power+ LM2000 20-Inch 56-Volt Electric Mower Review
EGO Power+ LM2000 Review Summary
Run Time8
Additional Features8
Ease of use9
5 year warranty on machine, 3 years on battery
Cuts like a gas mower
Nice and light - good for people with less strength
Folds into small area for storage
Quick charging
56volts = more power
No self propelled
Needs more handle position settings
Top of the class!
A no fuss mower that just works and does almost everything right. Worth the extra money.
Where to Buy

EGO Power+ LM2000 20-Inch 56-Volt Electric Mower ReviewWho can say no to a 20” deck? Well not us, and that deck size is just one of the reasons why the EGO Power+ LM2000 is one of our favorite electric mowers we have reviewed so far.
Sure, there are other mowers out there that include a cutting width this big, but this one gets the lawn done quickly, easily and with minimal fuss.

Read on to learn more about why we think you should seriously consider the Ego Power+ LM2000 cordless mower.

See our review summary here or continue reading the entire post for the in depth review.

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EGO Power+ LM2000 Battery

The battery included with the standard version of this mower (you can choose different battery packs when you order) is a 56V 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery. Being Lithium Ion of course means it won’t build up a memory, and being 56V means it packs some serious punch and can power through some of the toughest lawns.

Included in this kit is the rapid charger which can charge the 5.0Ah battery in about half an hour – that’s one of the best charge times we have ever seen!

You can expect the 5.0Ah battery to last about 45 minutes of mowing time, which really should be more than enough to get a small – medium backyard finished. If you find you are running out of battery to soon, then we suggest ordering a second battery – it is money well spent!

best cordless mowersMower Power

We were pleasantly surprised by the power of this mower – it pushes through even the thickets of grasses with almost no problems at all. We can even truthfully say that the Ego Power+ LM2000 electric mower out performs some of the gas mowers we have looked at recently – and this is impressive!
The noise level of this mower is exceptionally quiet, allowing you to mow at almost any time of the day or night (especially with the headlights) and not annoy the neighbors.

Discharge Options

The mower comes with 3 different attachments to allow you to mow your lawn the way you like. A grass bag allows you to catch all the clippings to dispose of as you see fit, the mulching insert redistributes the cut grass evenly back on your lawn and the side discharge chute can be used to have the cut grass ejected out the side of the mower.
The mulching functionality works surprisingly well, and there is almost no sign of the cut grass after it leaves the mower.


The LM2000 is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver around the yard. Navigating around garden beds, taps, kids toys or other obstacles is a breeze.
The light weight of the mower means it is suitable for users who are not strong enough to push a gas mower, so it suits the elderly particularly well.
The two small complaints we really have here is that the handle could do with a few more available positions as we found for some people it didn’t quite sit right. The other area which it lacks in is not being self propelled – but the weight of this mower is light enough for that to only be a very small concern.

Feature – Headlights

For those of you that live in a hotter area, you will know that the best time to mow your lawns is in the evening when the sun is going down and it is starting to cool off a bit. The headlights on this mower make this easy to do – illuminating your path should you be mowing in the dark.
The headlights actually work surprisingly well and are not the gimmick that I first took them to be.

cordless mower storageStoring the Mower

The Ego Power+ LM2000 is super easy to fold up and store away. A simple lever at the base of the handle allows it to be folded down onto the mower and it can then be stored vertically – taking up very little of your valuable storage space.

This means it can easily be stored in a small garage or garden shed and will not take up too much room – you will still have plenty of room for other toys – err…. I mean tools!



We don’t usually make special mention of the warranty in a review, but the warranty of the Ego LM2000 is too good to just brush over.
5 years on the mower itself is great, but 3 years on batteries? That is almost unheard of!

Should You Buy It?

The Ego Power+ LM2000 is packed full of features and has the power to boot. 56V means you wont often find grass that this mower can't comfortably knock over. Worth it!

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