7 Easy To Grow Plants That Are Good For Eating

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easy to grow vegetables

easy to grow plantsWith a lot of adulterants becoming prevalent in our food, there is a growing consciousness about the way food ends up on our plate. A positive shift can be observed towards organic food and farming methods.

But the whole point is that organic foods increase their carbon footprint and become more exposed to impurities as they are transported from the location where they are grown.

So, to obtain all the benefits of such food, without having to compromise on any of its aspects, it is best to grow whatever we can around our homes. Below is a list of plants which can be grown easily with minimal effort in the space that is present around our place of stay.

Easy to Grow Plants


are carrots easy to grow

Carrots are a primary ingredient in most of our diets. They can be either grown in soil or boxes which are at least two feet in length. The carrot seeds which are available commercially can be planted about six inches from each other. All it requires is good sunshine and water daily.

The boxes have got to have proper drainage and moreover should be moist but not soaked.

To harvest it, just pull it by the root firmly and out comes the perfect carrot. These vegetables are additionally a great source of vitamins and carotenoids.


are lemons easy to grow

This huge source of vitamin C is a must in every gardener’s collection. The trees which can be grown in the loamy and slightly acidic soil can yield a lot of lemons. They further require that the soil is not too wet and prefer a moist atmosphere for which spraying of water on the leaves is done.

Proper Sunshine and proper watering results in a great tree from which lemons can be picked when they turn yellow from green.

The lemons require about eight months to ripen after the tree is grown and are used to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant intake.


is lettuce easy to grow

This green leafy vegetable is perfect to make salads, which have become an integral course of our meals.

The best part of growing lettuce, especially varieties like ‘Little Gem’, is that it matures real quickly and requires just 3 to 4 weeks. Further, they also grow in slightly shady areas and require normal soil.

It can be harvested by cutting off the top leafy parts and requires very less space to be grown. A step to be taken before planting would be to till the land using one of the best tillers for your garden soil type.

are tomatoes easy to grow

Tomatoes are a must have in every garden and are quite popularly present in most of them. This vegetable can be grown in containers which have got some sort of support for their stalk and can also be shifted to make sure they receive a lot of sunlight.

Varieties like ‘Patio’ which are hybrids require very little work and are perfect to be grown on the side. Further, their water requirement is not too high and by growing basil next to it, the pests are repelled from the precious plant.  


are radishes easy to grow Radish varieties like ‘Cherry Belle’ and ‘Easter Egg’ mature really fast and thus make them another favorite of gardeners.

They are best when planted during late summer or early spring. With their really less calorie count, this vegetable is perfect to binge on and can be had either raw or cooked according to personal taste. They can also be grown in containers and mature in about three to four weeks.


is basil easy to grow

This herb is a source of fragrance and also a source of anti-inflammatory compounds. It can be grown in spacious containers within soil containing a good touch of fertilizers like used tea.

This is a plant which requires lots of sunlight and similarly high amount of moisture content in its surroundings.

Pruning makes sure the plant gives high yield while flowers which come up should be plucked out to make sure the leaves grow out as much as possible. When harvesting, take out leaves from each part and do not completely pinch off a whole part of the plant.

Basil can also be grown in an Aerogarden inside!


is ginger easy to growGinger is another plant which reduces inflammation and provides relief when suffering from cold or throat ache. It is grown by planting a piece of ginger bought in any store within a well-ventilated container or aerated soil.

The best results are seen when the side containing buds are faced upwards and planted with the soil being kept moist. When the ginger has to be taken out, pull the whole plant including the roots and then repeat by replanting a whole other ginger piece for a new ginger plant.

With such a huge array of plant options to grow at home, it is no wonder that a lot of people are switching to gardening their own food. This is definitely the healthier as well as a cheaper option in the long run.


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