10 DIY Essential Tools to Have in Your Toolbox

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essential diy tools

essential diy tools

So, you are the type of person that likes to create things and build your own objects. Since being prepared for any project makes the entire process go more smoothly and without having to stop, we think it’s critical to have the proper tools assembled.

Essential Tools For Your DIY Toolbox

Here are our 10 DIY essential tools to have in your toolbox. These tools should cover most building and DIY projects.

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Screwdrivers are essential tools for so many things that go beyond doing DIY. You should have basic hand-held screwdrivers. Most items that you will build will require some type of screw. So, having a good screwdriver is important. You can also get the electric type which can double as a miniature drill. Make sure you have special types of screwdrivers such as the hex variety and basics like flat head and Philips’ head.


Hammers are important because they drive in the nails that hang objects or hold them together. They can also straighten or even out a myriad of items. The hammer can also be used to tear down objects or to pry things apart. You can use a nail gun if you want to drive in nails with less work. However, a hammer is an essential tool for your kit.

Orbital Sander

An orbital sander is essential for smoothing out the woodwork and for fine finishing vehicles and floors. They can also be used to rough out kinks in metal and strip paint from walls. Orbital sanders have different size pads that can be used for this purpose. You should use this device to help complete and put a finishing touch on your projects.


On occasion, nuts and bolts might be needed for your projects. If they are, you will also need a wrench. A good wrench can be used to turn off old and rusty bolts and to put them back on tight again. Wrenches can be adjusted to varied sizes.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is necessary for figuring out the length of areas that you are working in, or items that you are working with. A tape measure can also help to keep your projects level by using the straight line it provides. When you cut wood, or you must measure how big an item is going to be, then you will need a tape measure. A tape measure will also be needed for properly setting up fixtures and for measuring dimensions for complex creations.


Electric or cordless drills are extremely important tools. These items are necessary for drilling holes, especially if you are attaching anything to walls. Drills have different bits and sizes that can be used for several types of holes and wall material. Making holes with hand-held tools is not practical. Drills just make the process easy for you. A standard handheld drill is perfect for most projects.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is a great tool for cutting objects with a clean line. It is a versatile device that can be used to make fine cuts. A utility knife can be used to remove materials like tape from packages or boxes, and to cut down objects. Utility knives come with adjustable and replaceable blades.

Saws of All Types

A valuable tool kit will contain a variety of saws. Hand held saws for cutting small or medium sized wooden items. A good orbital saw for cutting large wooden objects and pieces. Other types of saws such as circular saws, hacksaws, and a bow saw can be used for a wide variety of projects involving wood cutting. Some of these saws are to be used for making precise or fine cuts for objects.

Specialty Items

Complete tool chests should also contain special tools such as flashlights, levelers, and squares. These items are important. They allow you to perform special types of tasks for projects. Flashlights allow you to work in dark areas and in low light conditions. You should use a leveler to balance objects before you fix them in place permanently. Squares allow you to make special cuts and designs.

Other items such as files are needed to grind down objects. They also are used for fine finishing items. Clamps are important for keeping objects in place. Without a clamp, people will have a challenging time holding objects in place. You might also need a wire cutter for getting rid of old wires and a pry bar for ripping apart old items that can be recycled into new objects.

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