Dibea V008 Pro Cordless Vacuum Review

dibea v008 pro review

The V008 Pro is the latest offering from Dibea to enter into the crowded cordless vacuum market. Featuring a new design floor tool and a powerful motor, is this model worth your money? Or should you keep saving and buy one of the more expensive brands available.

We have thoroughly tested this cordless vac and can tell you right now, this is one model you want to check out.

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Dibea V008 Pro Stick Vacuum Review Summary

The V008 Pro offers great power, flexible tools and long use time.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the premium brands , then you should definitely consider this model.

Cleaning Power
Battery Life
Additional Features
Long battery life
Great suction
Great for cleaning up long hair
Lots of extra tools included
Squeaky wheel on floor tool
Doesn't work well on shag carpet or rugs
No auto-charging docking station
Powerful cleaning ability at an affordable price

Dibea V008 Detailed Review


When you first unpack the rather ordinary looking brown cardboard box that the V008 comes in, it can look a little overwhelming. There are quite a few parts and it looks like it may be rather complicated to put it together. But when you actually get down to it, assembly of the cordless vacuum itself is quite easy.

Many of the parts in the box are additional tools and parts that aren’t required to use the device as a standard floor vacuum.

Dibea V008 Pro box contents
The contents of the box

Assembly is simply a matter of clicking the battery/handle unit into the motor (dust cup). Attach the metal tube and fit the floor tool. Done!

Charging the cordless battery is very straight forward. Take the charger, plug it into a power outlet and plug the cable into the charging socket built into the handle. The charge of the battery is indicated by a set of 3 lights on the rear of the handle unit.

I would have liked to see a wall mount docking station like the Dyson units have, but I understand that in order to keep the costs down luxuries like this cannot always be included.

Cleaning Ability

My expectations are always low with cheaper cordless vacuums, but I was pleasantly surprised by the cleaning power of the Dibea V008. 

The standard floor tool that comes with the V008 is a little different to what you may have used in the past. It is still a motorized tool, but it features what Dibea call the “Torque Drive cleaner head”. This is quite a large motorized roller that is a soft bristle type that pushes against the floor and is designed to drag dirt and other debris into the suction path of the floor tool.

Dibea floor tool
The included floor tool uses a soft bristle roller

Now the design of this head means that some carpets may give the tool some trouble (which I will go into in the usability section of this review), but on tile, timber or any other hard floors, my testing showed that the V008 worked very well and left very little debris behind.

The other big upside to this cleaner head is the fact that almost nothing gets tangled in it! Now my wife has quite long hair, and I am forever unclogging the hair the motorized head of our main vacuum. But the Dibea Torque Drive Cleaner Head didn’t seem to have this problem. My testing so far has shown that the roller simply flicks the hair into the suction area of the tool, and it doesn’t get wrapped around the roller at all!

Picks up debris on the floor really well – with the design of the felt roller sitting directly on the floor I thought it might just push larger pieces of dirt around.

If you have read our review of the Dibea D18, then you will remember that I was a little underwhelmed by the suction power of that unit. Well, I am pleased to report that the V008 has no such problem and the suction in this model has improved greatly thanks to an improved 250w motor.

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Battery Life

1,100mAh of battery power means that you should be able to get almost any vacuuming task done before the unit goes flat. Our testing showed that you can expect at least 35 minutes of use on low power and about 15 minutes on high power mode.

Charging time is between 4-5 hours which is a little longer than I would like, but it isnt too much of an inconvenience – just don’t forget to charge it after each use.

charging indicator
The battery charge indicator shows from 1-3 bars


I found the Dibea V008 Pro mostly quite easy to use with only a few small issues. 

The first issue I noticed is that due to the design of the floor tool and the large felt type roller, it can be very hard to push on thicker/shag carpet and rugs. I found that the roller would catch on the high pile and force the floor tool sideways, either sending you off in a random direction or stopping the forward/back movement altogether.

It works great on hard floors and lower pile carpet, but I cannot recommend this vac to anyone who will need to vacuum lush carpets frequently.

Another small issue I noticed was that it was had to clean along the edge of walls, as the design of the floor tool means that the roller does not go to the very edge. And while this wasn’t a horrible inconvenience, it did need mentioning here.

I do love Dibea’s “pull on, pull off” functionality. Essentially this means that you pull the trigger once to power the unit up into low power mode and pull it again once to set high power mode. You can then let go of the trigger altogether, which will be appreciated by those with hand/finger strength problems. Switching the vac off is as simple as pulling the trigger a third time.

dibea v008 pro config variation 2

The V008 Pro comes with the standard floor tool, a flexible extension tube, a mini motorized tool, a soft dusting brush, a combination tool, and crevice tool.  These give your vacuum ultimate flexibility and mean that it can be a full-sized vacuum or a small handheld device.

dibea v008 pro config variation 1


Overall the quality of the Dibea V008 Pro is quite good. It feels sturdy, and all the parts that connect together feel solid and have very little movement.

My one complaint here is that the wheels on the main floor tool are a little bit squeaky which did get annoying at times – especially on hard floors.


The price point of Dibeas cordless vacuums is where they really stand out. They represent great value for money, and if you don’t want to fork out for a Dyson V10 then the Dibea V008 Pro is the next best thing.

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