Cooker King Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

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Cheap cookware is everywhere these days, department stores are full of brands you have never heard of using all sorts of big words to sell cookware that looks to be great value. However most of these cookware sets are poorly made from inferior materials.

This is where Cooker King breaks the mold – I recently tried their 10 piece pots and pans set and I am happy to say that I was quite impressed.

Read on for our no nonsense and honest Cooker King cookware review.

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me at no cost by Cooker King, however this review is completely honest and my genuine opinion.

cooker king review

Cooker King 10 Piece Cookware Set Review

Cooker King Review Summary

Don't let the low price of this cookware fool you into thinking it's low quality. Easily one of the best aluminium cookware sets available.

If you are a a home cook looking for a decent cookware set that won't cost you the earth, then you should seriously consider Cooker King

Cooking Quality
Construction Quality
Comfort & Features
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Extremely competitive pricing
High quality materials
Easy to clean
Compatible with oven, induction, electric and gas
Light and easy to handle
Aluminium doesn't perform as well as some other materials
Hot spots on gas stoves
Non-stick coating scratches quite easily
Offers Great Value

Whats Included

cooker king 10 piece set
The contents of the box

The 10 piece set we tried comes with all the basic pots and pans needed in the kitchen.

Included in the box is:

  • 8″ and 10″ skillets
  • 1 Qt and 2 Qt saucepans with glass lids
  • 2.5 Qt and 4 Qt stock pots with glass lids

Important Specifications

Included Items

8" and 10" skillets
1 Qt and 2 Qt saucepans with glass lids
2.5 Qt and 4 Qt stock pots with glass lids

Construction Material

Forged Aluminium


Non-Stick Coating

Oven Safe?


Dishwasher Safe?


Induction Compatible?


Cooking Quality

testing cooker king cookware
I carried out numerous tests on the cookware

Our test of the Cooker King 10 piece cookware set revealed no surprises. When first exposed to heat, the pots and pans heated up unevenly – there were hot spots towards the edges of the pan. But the temperature of the cooking surface did even out a lot as a few minutes went by, so much so that it was not noticeable during cooking.

I had no trouble getting the cookware up to any temperature needed, and it reacted quite quickly to adjustments to the cooking temperature.

It is also oven safe, as most of the best cookware sets are, so you can use all the cookware in the oven if that suits your cooking style.

I will say here that the Cooker King non stick cookware is more suited to electric stoves rather than gas stoves. The aluminium construction of the pots and pans can lead to a few more issues with hot spots on gas burners. I recommend reading our guide here about cookware for gas stoves if you want to learn more.

Construction Quality and Materials

cooker king construction quality
The construction of the cookware is great quality

One thing to remember when it comes to cookware, is that the materials that your pots and pans are manufactured from can make a big difference in how well it cooks food.

Cooker King nonstick cookware is made from forged aluminium. Using aluminium for cookware means that the price is kept as low as possible, unfortunately though aluminium is not the best material when it comes to the ideal cooking properties. You can learn more about the different materials used in our best cookware sets guide.

In saying this, a stainless steel cookware set will always outperform an aluminium set such as this – but you also pay a lot more for it.

The construction quality of the pots and pans seems to be top notch. The handles are connected to the base very securely with no sign of any movement at all. Of course, regular use is the only way to test this and I will update this article in a month or so with more info.

As far as aluminium cookware goes, Cooker King is among the best available.

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Comfort and Extra Features

induction compatible cookware
The base of the cookware is induction compatible

Aluminium pots and pans do have their advantages, and one of these is being light weight. Cooker King nonstick cookware is light enough to lift easily, without being so light that it feels odd.

The handles are a rounded design that fits into the hand comfortably, also included is a hole for hanging the pots during storage if you wish to do so.

The nonstick surface works great and is very easy to clean, we did notice though that it does scratch quite easily – so you will want to make sure you are careful with the utensils and cleaning products you use with this set.

The base of the Cooker King set is induction compatible as well, and while I didnt actually get to test this out – by everything I’ve read, it works well.


The pricing for the Cooker King nonstick set is almost too good. It actually looks too low and I found myself questioning the quality of this set simply because the price was so low. How could the possibly make good cookware for that price?

Well they have. Cooker King pots and pans represent great value for money and you won’t regret your purchase.

About Cooker King

You may wonder who this brand “Cooker King” is? Let me give you a bit of an intro.While they may be reasonably new to the USA, they are by no means a new player in the worldwide cookware marketplace. Cooker King were established in Zhejiang China in 1983, and have since become one of the top 3 cookware brands in its home country.

Boasting over 1,000 products in their current line up, they have the experience behind them to design some great quality cookware and the infrastructure to produce it in numbers that keeps the price down.


Cooker King cookware is not going stack up well against the likes of All Clad and Made in Cookware, but it isn’t meant to. Cooker King cookware is squarely aimed at home cooks who want a reasonable quality cookware set that isn’t going to cost them a lot of money.If this sounds like you, then you should probably order yours today!

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