HVAC Duct Size Calculator and Sizing Charts

A HVAC expert installing ductwork

Properly sizing the ductwork in your home is essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout every season.   An undersized duct can restrict airflow, leading to hot or cold spots in certain rooms. On the other hand, an oversized duct can cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary, wasting energy and driving up your … Read more

Dual Hose vs Single Hose Portable Air Conditioners – What’s the Difference?

sara from essential home and garden with a single hose portable air conditioner

If you’ve recently started shopping for a new portable AC, you’ve probably noticed that your options fall into two distinct categories: dual and single hose. Across these two categories, many models share the same features and specifications, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t significant differences between ACs with two hoses and ACs with one. These … Read more

What is a Dual Inverter Air Conditioner?

a technician inspecting a dual inverter air conditioner

If you’re shopping for a new cooling system, you have probably seen ads for dual inverter air conditioners.  Various big-name HVAC system manufacturers are marketing the relatively new technology, emphasizing the superior performance and efficiency they deliver. But what is a dual inverter AC conditioner anyway? And is it really better? This article delves into … Read more

Dehumidifier Vs Air Purifier – What’s The Difference?

dehumidifier vs air purifier

The main difference between an air purifier vs dehumidifier is that a purifier uses a filter to capture and reduce pathogens, while a dehumidifier reduces moisture to decrease pathogen activity.  You can use both devices to provide cleaner air for your home. If you suffer from allergies, especially to mold, either one can be helpful. … Read more

The 6 Best Battery Powered Air Conditioner Units

zero breeze mark 2 battery powered air conditioner

The sweltering summer months can make doing just about anything absolutely miserable. And whether you’re sleeping in a camper or sitting in your sunroom, you can quickly become uncomfortably hot. These situations are where the battery powered air conditioner comes in handy. But is there such a thing as a battery powered air conditioner? Luckily … Read more

The Best Air Purifier for Smoke – 2022’s Top 7 Models

an air purifier in the living room

We all know about the harmful effects cigarette smoke can have on the body. But do you know that breathing in smoke can be just as harmful? Whether you’re dealing with smoky air from wildfires, a recent home fire, a woodburning stove, or cigarette smoke, the faster you purify your air, the better. And the … Read more

Can You Drink Dehumidifier Water? Is It Safe?

woman collecting water from the dehumidifier

Whether you’re using a dehumidifier to reduce the overall humidity in your home or just to dry out your bathroom after a shower, it’s hard to deny the magic of these machines. With a bit of electricity, they can take damp air and turn it into liquid water. If you’ve ever pulled out your appliance’s … Read more

What Is The Ideal Indoor Humidity For Your Home?

a hygrometer on the windowsill

Humidity control in your home is important all year round. You might not know it, but humidity levels play a vital role in the health, safety, and comfort of you and your family.  Sometimes, the humidity in your home isn’t right. It can be too high or too low. Both can range from being mildly … Read more

How To Future-Proof Your Home And Garden

future proof your home

We live in an age of unpredictability, and that is no more true than with the weather. Climate change has impacted the entire world, and while scientists are able to construct models, these models can only predict the basics. We do not know what major storms different areas will face, where high temperatures will cause … Read more

X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Review

X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi Smoke Detector and its accessories on the table

Highly Sensitive Smoke Detector that Connects to Your Phone for Added Peace of Mind The X-Sense XS01-WT Wifi Smoke Detector works with an easy-to-use app to warn you, wherever you are, if there is a potential fire in your home. This ingenious device is easy to install, simple to set up, and surprisingly affordable. But … Read more

Yeedi Vac Robot Vacuum Review – Hands On Test

Yeedi Vac device, box, and accessories on the floor

Simple but Effective Vacuuming Robot for Carpet and Hard Flooring The Yeedi Vac doesn’t have a ton of features, but it can out clean many of its more expensive competitors. Its 3,000Pa suction rating combined with a low-tangle v-brush and automatic carpet boost gives both hard flooring and carpet a thorough clean. And, if you … Read more

What Size Dehumidifier Do You Need?

hOmeLabs dehumidifiers on the floor

Getting a dehumidifier that is too large or powerful for your space can mean a lot of wasted money upfront and high electricity costs. But getting one that is too small will leave you suffering in hot, humid conditions. Unfortunately, figuring out what size dehumidifier you need for your room or home is anything but … Read more

Induction Cooktop Problems: Causes and Solutions

man checking for induction cooktop problems

Induction cooking is a simple and efficient process. But when something goes wrong with your induction cooktop, all the simplicity you love about it suddenly goes out the window. And, as it turns out, these intelligent machines are more complicated than they look. In this article, we’ll look at some common induction cooktop problems like … Read more

Mini Split Installation Cost – A Comprehensive Breakdown

an HVAC professional installing a mini-split AC

Ductless mini-split systems are strong contenders to central HVAC systems. They can heat and cool your home without an expensive ductwork installation. However, a mini-split installation cost is considerably different from traditional central air conditioners. Keep reading to learn more about the components that determine the cost of your mini-split system.  Mini Split Installation Cost … Read more

Why Is My Succulent Dying? How To Revive a Dying Succulent

a woman holding a cactus with root rot

There’s a common misconception that succulents are idiot-proof. Succulents are mostly low maintenance and resilient to neglect, but that doesn’t make them immortal. Growing a plant from a semi-desert and in a north-facing window in Wisconsin is asking a lot. So if your succulent is wilting, discolored, or covered in bugs, don’t take it personally; … Read more