Kerosene Heater vs Propane Heaters

kerosene heater vs propane

In an age where we carry access to the cumulative knowledge of humanity around in our pocket, it is quite common to take a lot of things for granted. Traditionally, this manifests in flicking a wall switch and lighting up a room without a second thought as to how it happens or where it comes … Read more

Will a Towel Warmer Heat a Bathroom?

towel warmer in bathroom

In the winter, the bathroom is often one of the coldest rooms in the house. There is nothing worse than going for your morning shower only to be greeted by icy tiles and a cold breeze that leaves you desperate to get under the hot water. Is there a way to keep your bathroom warm, … Read more

How To Fix Common Kerosene Heater Problems

common kerosene heater problems

Do you have a kerosene heater at home? They are an ideal backup source of heat in the winter if your power were to go out. They are efficient as well, making them a popular choice for homeowners to have on hand. But, what if something were to go wrong with your backup heater? Like … Read more

The Best Oil Filled Heater – Reviews and Guide

the best oil filled heaters

Oil filled heaters can be a really great source for heating your entire house compared to other heating systems. We’ll be taking a look at seven of the best oil filled heater models that are currently on the market. The list below will give you a chance to look at each one with the unique … Read more

The Best Battery Powered Heater – Cordless Heaters That Work

battery powered heater

Nobody likes to be cold. Whether it’s a fall day or the dead of winter, heat is crucial to keeping us happy, healthy, and comfortable. So, it’s no surprise that heaters are so popular amongst those looking to warm their toes and get feeling back in their fingers. While a heater powered by batteries would … Read more

The Different Types of Thermostats

types of thermostats

Thermostats are simple machines in every household, but they have two major impacts on our lives. They keep us comfortable in our homes every day and they decide our fate when it comes to the monthly utility bill. This is why knowing the different types of thermostats is essential to maximizing your comfort and minimizing … Read more

9 of The Best Electric Fireplace Heater Reviews

best electric fireplace

Have you ever wanted a fireplace but thought that it was too much work to build one or that it was way out of your budget?  Thankfully, there are electric fireplaces that are inexpensive and easy to assemble. With these cost effective pieces of technology, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up ashes or … Read more

How To Heat A Basement In Winter

how to heat a basement in Winter

Not only are basements are the most logical place to extend your family living space, but your basement is probably the most versatile space in your home.  So it really comes as no surprise that a full 30% of new homes built in the US in 2013 are built on a full or partial basement. … Read more

How Does a Dehumidifier Work

how does a dehumidifier work

Regardless of the season, a damp basement or crawl space can really degrade the livability of your home. Luckily, there’s an appliance that has been designed to effectively and efficiently resolve this problem – the dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are a purpose-built home appliance that are able to eliminate ambient moisture within a space, thus preventing undesirable … Read more

The Best Dehumidifiers for Basements

best dehumidifiers for basements

A moisture-filled basement is no way to live – it’s as simple as that. But depending on home’s structure and your geographic region, relieving your home of trapped humidity may be easier said than done. Some folks believe that a standard air conditioning unit or a built-in HVAC system can alleviate these problems on their … Read more

The Best Energy Efficient Space Heater – Guide & Reviews

most efficient space heaters

Every year, it feels like winter creeps out just as you’re beginning to enjoy autumn. With the onset of winter comes the likely appearance of frigid temperatures, causing your home or office spaces to become downright chilly. While your HVAC heating system can likely handle the brunt of your heating in these circumstances, it can … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Humidity In Your Basement Without a Dehumidifier

how to get rid of basement humidity

So you think you have a moisture or humidity problem in your basement, but you don’t want to spend the money on a dehumidifier? That’s fine, there are ways you can get rid of the humidity in your basement without a humidifier. Whether you are looking for the quickest and easiest fix, or more of … Read more

The Best Kerosene Heater – Buying Guide and Top Picks

best kerosene heater

Kerosene heaters are versatile devices that can be used in ways that many other more traditional types of heaters can’t. For a start, they are great at heating large open spaces such as garages, warehouses, or even outdoor areas. These heaters are usually portable, and most of the time do not require electricity. This makes … Read more

5 Common Air Conditioning Problems and How To Fix Them

common air conditioning problems

It’s 100 degrees outside, you’ve just cut the grass for the 2nd time this week, and all you want to do is come in to enjoy the nice, cool air from your air conditioner while you relax a little. Unfortunately, you walk in from the sweltering heat outdoors to be greeted a stale, swelter inside … Read more

What is BTU?

what is btu

If you have ever looked at the specifications of an air conditioner or heater then you have probably noticed the term BTU in the specifications. But what is BTU? What does it stand for? What does it mean? Well this is the article you need. It it we will cover all those questions and provide … Read more

The 5 Best Garage Fans – Stay Cool With Your Tools

best garage fans

Winter will be gone before you know it, and your currently cold garage will be baking. Garages are notorious for trapping in heat, and a great fan is essential for keeping cool. However, getting the right fan can be a frustrating task with so many fans to choose, and it’s tempting to just grab the … Read more

The Best Towel Warmer Choices For Your Bathroom

best towel warmers

One of the best upgrades you can add to your bathroom is a towel warmer. There is nothing quite like getting out of the shower on a cold winter’s day and grabbing a luxurious, warm towel. That’s why you have decided it’s time to install towel warmers in your bathroom – but which should you … Read more

6 Causes of Low Air Flow From Your Ducts

no air from air vent

Coming home to a perfectly cool home in summer and a toasty home in winter after braving the harsh outdoor conditions is one of the best feelings there is. Unfortunately, your HVAC doesn’t always let you come home and relax – especially if you have rooms that seem like they’re in different hemispheres! Do you … Read more

Electric Heater Cost Calculator

How Much Electricity Does a Space Heater Use

Electric Heat Cost Calculator How to use the calculator Choose the space heater you are interested in, then Simply: Enter the power rating of the heater (in watts) Enter what your electricity company charges you per kWh (an average cost is pre-entered) And enter roughly how many hours per day you will need to run … Read more

Air Conditioner Unit Size Calculator

How To Calculate The Air Conditioner Size For Your House

So it’s time to either install air conditioning in your house for the first time, or to replace your old run down unit. But what size do you need? Well I’m not going to lie and tell you the answer is easy like so many other sites will. In fact, there are so many variables … Read more