The Best Floor Mattress

couple sleeping on a floor mattress

A small house and a lot of guests will inevitably lead you to ask people to sleep on the floor. The last thing you want to do is offer them a thin, uncomfortable floor mattress to sleep on. As someone with a small house and a large extended family, I have run into this situation … Read more

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Mattress Reviews

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Reviews

Product Overview Both the Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality are made to give people the indulgence and comfort of a high-end mattress for a fraction of the cost. They are also environment-friendly and great for those sensitive to dust mites and other allergens. Both options are hybrid mattresses, meaning the multiple layers use different types of … Read more

Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture – Our Top 5 Picks

best outdoor wicker furniture

Looking to bring that nice, comfy feeling of summertime to your outdoor lounge area? Whether you have an upcoming party or a simple afternoon get-together, outdoor wicker furniture sets can transform an average looking backyard to a more inviting area. Here is an easy guide to the basics of this exotic option. Take a peek … Read more

Types Of Recliners

types of recliners

Picture this: You’ve got your beer and your snack in hand and you’re ready to sit back and enjoy the big game in your favorite chair. You probably imagined the stereotypical giant, fluffy two-position recliner that still has remnants of the last big game in the seat cushions. While that is an admirable choice and … Read more

Choosing the Best Outdoor Bench

outdoor bench

It’s nearing spring, and it is finally time to get the outdoor spaces ready – the perfect time to enjoy the crisp, fresh air without the fear of frost bite. And, yes, it is time to start thinking about summer! As you head out to the garden to tend to your plants, you shouldn’t forget to … Read more