photo of Mexican snowballs

Echeveria elegans (Mexican Snowball) Growing Guide

Even for inexperienced gardeners, Mexican Snowball is an easy, attractive succulent to grow in sunny spots in your house or landscape. Learn how to grow this succulent here.

close-up photo of panda plant

How To Grow and Care For a Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentos)

The panda plant is a unique succulent with adorably fuzzy leaves and striking black-and-white coloring. Find out how this plant’s uniqueness extends to its care and learn some tips for helping the Kalanchoe tomentos thrive in your home.

a picture of hens and chicks plant

Hens and Chicks Plant: How to Grow and Care For

Hen and chicks is a productive succulent with a lot of charm. Find out how to care for this hearty plant, how to propagate it, and what common problems to look out for.