a photo of tiger tooth

How To Care for Tiger Tooth Aloe (Aloe juvenna)

Don’t let its name, its tooth-shaped leaves, or the row of tiny tooth-like spines running along the edge of each leaf fool you. Tiger tooth aloe is a real pussycat of a plant. Its spikes are softer than they look, and as far as daily care is concerned, this plant is as independent as a … Read more

a Zebra haworthia on a table

Zebra Plant – How To Grow Haworthiopsis fasciata & attenuata

Sun requirements  Low, indirect light.  Hardiness Zone 10, not cold hardy Toxicity Non-toxic Primary growth season Spring and fall Typical sizes 6-8 inches Flowers Small white flowers Zebra plant is a term commonly used to describe a pair of succulent doppelgängers: Haworthiopsis fasciata and Haworthiopsis attenuata. Both are like tiny aloes, with dark green spiky … Read more