dying zebra cactus

How to Diagnose and Revive a Dying Zebra Cactus

Don’t let your zebra cactus die! Learn the common causes of a dying zebra cactus and how to revive it. Our expert guide covers everything from over-watering, to pests, and lack of sunlight. Get tips and tricks on how to keep your zebra cactus healthy and thriving.

photo of Mexican snowballs

Echeveria elegans (Mexican Snowball) Growing Guide

Even for inexperienced gardeners, Mexican Snowball is an easy, attractive succulent to grow in sunny spots in your house or landscape. Learn how to grow this succulent here.

zig zag cactus in a pot

How To Grow and Care For Fishbone Cactus (Zigzag Cactus)

The Fishbone Cactus (also known as the Zigzag Cactus) originates in the jungle unlike the cacti you are probably used to, and it’s care needs are quite unique when compared to its desert dwelling cousins.

a photo of tiger tooth

How To Care for Tiger Tooth Aloe (Aloe juvenna)

Tiger tooth aloe is a multi-toned variety of this common plant that is easy to grow in the home if you know a few simple tricks. In this care guide, we go over everything you need to know to grow, propagate, and care for aloe juvenna.