fairy castle cactus behind a pink background

Fairy Castle Cactus Care Information – Acanthocereus tetragonus

Add a little more magic to your sunny window sill by growing a fairy castle cactus. But ensure that you keep it away from pets and kids, as this cactus is mildly toxic. Find out its complete grow and care needs in this article.

hardy succulents

Cold Hardy Succulents – the Complete Guide

Believe it or not, some succulents can survive and even thrive in cold weather. Find out what winter-hardy succulents you can grow indoors and outdoors here.

how to get christmas cactus to bloom

How to Get a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

Christmas Cactus is a popular flowering succulent. If you can’t get your Christmas Cactus to bloom, there are three factors you should be mindful of — water, light, and temperature. Learn more in our beginner-friendly 3-step guide on getting a Christmas Cactus to flower.