dying zebra cactus

How to Diagnose and Revive a Dying Zebra Cactus

Don’t let your zebra cactus die! Learn the common causes of a dying zebra cactus and how to revive it. Our expert guide covers everything from over-watering, to pests, and lack of sunlight. Get tips and tricks on how to keep your zebra cactus healthy and thriving.

succulent with brown leaves

Why Do Succulent Leaves Turn Brown or Black?

Succulents will put up with poor soil, failure to fertilize, and even severe under-watering, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. If you don’t provide the right growing environment and care, your succulent may change color, become unhealthy, and die.

photo of Mexican snowballs

Echeveria elegans (Mexican Snowball) Growing Guide

Even for inexperienced gardeners, Mexican Snowball is an easy, attractive succulent to grow in sunny spots in your house or landscape. Learn how to grow this succulent here.