Starting Seeds In a Greenhouse: When and How To Do It

man holding a seedling tray while inside the greenhouse

There is no more frustrating time of year for gardeners than late winter and early spring. Luckily, starting seeds in a greenhouse can give you a head start on the growing season and scratch your itch to get your fingers in the soil.  With so many different plants you can start in the greenhouse, it … Read more

What a Cold Frame Is and How to Use It

cold frame with plants

The first time I saw a cold frame, just for a moment, I thought I was looking at a magical portal to the center of the earth. Then my father lifted the frame and its heavy pane of steamy glass, revealing a treasure trove of early spring lettuces and herbs inside.  Cold frames aren’t portals … Read more

How to Heat a Greenhouse – 8 Practical Ways

How to Heat a Greenhouse-Featured Image

Fluctuating greenhouse temperature? We’ll walk you through 8 practical solutions so you can keep your greenhouse warm at night and even on cloudy days. One way even harnesses Mother Nature’s power so you can keep your electricity costs down.  Up for a challenge?  From an oil-filled heater, livestock, to insulation, here’s how you can heat … Read more

The Best Greenhouse Vegetables – What to Grow in Your Greenhouse

woman with harvested vegetables in greenhouse

Adding a greenhouse to your garden is a great way to expand your growing possibilities. These protective, sun-powered structures allow you to extend your growing season, plant difficult-to-grow veggies, and even grow fresh produce right through the winter! A greenhouse adds so many possibilities to your growing plans that many novice and backyard gardeners find … Read more

How Does a Greenhouse Work?

how does a greenhouse work

For people who love to garden, the most frustrating time of year is late winter. After months of being housebound, all you want is to dig your hands into warm soil. The bright and shiny packets of seeds you bought the moment they hit the stores are calling to you, begging to be planted, but … Read more

The 10 Best Greenhouse Kits – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

greenhouse kit in the garden

Adding a greenhouse to your garden is one way to extend your growing season and create a microclimate more suitable for growing certain veggies and flowers. But with so many greenhouse kits available, it can be difficult to know which is right for you. In this article, we’ll review the top ten best greenhouse kits … Read more