How to Care for Succulents – How To Grow Succulents Indoors and Outdoors

how to care for succulents

You (yes, you!) are definitely capable of growing a healthy succulent. After all, succulents are resilient, low-maintenance plants that grow abundantly in environments that would challenge most plants.  However, when you take a plant from Mozambique or Mexico and grow it in Maine or Minnesota, some challenges are inevitable. And, for many houseplant lovers, it … Read more

How to Fix Anaerobic Soil

Healthy soil breathes like a living creature — it inhales oxygen from the air, circulates it through the gaps between soil particles, and uses the oxygen to support life. When it’s waterlogged or lacks oxygen, it is unhealthy like a person with pneumonia, lungs full of fluid. Fortunately, you can rehabilitate some anaerobic soil. If … Read more

How Long Do Rose Bushes Live?

According to Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh, a rose bush can teach us an important lesson. To reduce our suffering, we must accept that much like a flower, all things and people we value are impermanent. What is born will die. If you want to know how long rose bushes live, the answer depends on the … Read more

Compost vs. Fertilizer: The Differences Explained

compost vs fertilizer

Nothing grows up big and healthy without eating well. Whether you’re growing tomatoes, tulips, turf, or toddlers, they don’t grow unless you feed them, and what you feed them matters. And understanding how compost and fertilizer function differently will help you grow green grass, tasty tomatoes, abundant alliums, and squash the size of a small … Read more

Composting weeds – How To Do It The Right Way

compost bin filled with weeds

The only three guarantees in the life of a gardener are birth, death, and weeds. If you’re a compulsive composter like me, you can’t stand the idea of stuffing all that free green material into a plastic bag and sending it to a landfill. The problem is that if you compost weeds incorrectly you’ll plant … Read more

15 Types of Mulch For The Garden and Landscaping

a gardener laying down mulch

If you’re new to gardening or landscaping, you may be tempted to omit a mulch layer, but the longer you grow plants outdoors the more obvious the benefits of mulch become. Whether your aim is to make your growing area prettier, healthier, or lower maintenance, mulch is the solution.  The enormous variety of types of … Read more

How to Aerate Soil in Potted Plants

A gardener using a small shovel to aerate soil in potted plants

Seeing a flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk may give you the optimistic impression that plants can survive under even the hard conditions (literally), but that isn’t the case for houseplants. Most popular houseplants are reasonably resilient, but only when they’re grown in a suitable environment, and that includes healthy, fertile, aerated … Read more

How to Keep Dogs from Pooping In Your Yard

dog sniffing and exploring the garden

There is something particularly violating about finding dog poop on your front lawn. The sight immediately breeds feelings of disgust and discontent. In most cases, the act isn’t personal, but it can be hard not to feel like it is, which only worsens the situation. Luckily, whether you are dealing with a malicious pooper or … Read more

How to Clean and Sterilize Pruning Shears

how to clean pruning shears

Pruning shears are tough and made to last. But, just like with any gardening tool, regularly cleaning them can keep its blades sharp, prevent rust, and make pruning fast and effortless rather than an exhausting and numbing grip workout. It can also save your plants from deadly cross-contamination because your pruners are free from bacteria, … Read more

Growing Tomatoes Indoors – What You Need and How To Do It

bowl of tomatoes grown indoors

Unless you live in the tropics, there’s no way to grow tomatoes outdoors in the winter. In some areas, you may be able to start plants in early spring or keep your plants fruiting into the fall, but generally, tomatoes won’t survive the first frost.  If you can’t survive another winter without fresh tomatoes, and … Read more

Starting Seeds In a Greenhouse: When and How To Do It

man holding a seedling tray while inside the greenhouse

There is no more frustrating time of year for gardeners than late winter and early spring. Luckily, starting seeds in a greenhouse can give you a head start on the growing season and scratch your itch to get your fingers in the soil.  With so many different plants you can start in the greenhouse, it … Read more

4 Ways to Enhance Your Home & Garden Before Summer is Over

Family having a barbecue together

When your home or garden doesn’t fill you with joy because it lacks a few things or needs some TLC, you may not be able to enjoy summer to the fullest. In which case, isn’t it time you did something about it? Here are four ways to enhance your home and garden before summer is … Read more

What a Cold Frame Is and How to Use It

cold frame with plants

The first time I saw a cold frame, just for a moment, I thought I was looking at a magical portal to the center of the earth. Then my father lifted the frame and its heavy pane of steamy glass, revealing a treasure trove of early spring lettuces and herbs inside.  Cold frames aren’t portals … Read more

How to Grow Grass Fast – The Simple Guide

house with healthy lawn

We all want a great-looking lawn. And we want it now! Unfortunately, there is no magic product out there that will give you a lush lawn overnight. But there are a few things you can do to assure the work you put into your new lawn will bring stunning results in as little time as … Read more

How to Kill a Tree Stump – 7 Ways

sprout growing from tree stump

So, you finally got around to chopping down that tree in your yard, but now the stump keeps producing sprouts and is preventing you from utilizing the space.  While you can most definitely just take the sprout out, it’s not a long-term solution. So, we’re going to teach you seven tried-and-true ways how to kill … Read more

Guide to Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Care

a pot of Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma on a table

The rhaphidophora tetrasperma needs a better nickname. Otherwise known as a “mini monstera” (it is not a monstera) or a “ginny philodendron” (it is not a philodendron), the rhaphidophora tetrasperma is a distinct species in the Araceae family. It is cousins with both the philodendron and the peace lily. The nickname confusion is understandable. Like … Read more

How to Heat a Greenhouse – 8 Practical Ways

How to Heat a Greenhouse-Featured Image

Fluctuating greenhouse temperature? We’ll walk you through 8 practical solutions so you can keep your greenhouse warm at night and even on cloudy days. One way even harnesses Mother Nature’s power so you can keep your electricity costs down.  Up for a challenge?  From an oil-filled heater, livestock, to insulation, here’s how you can heat … Read more

Using a Winter Greenhouse – How to Grow Vegetables in Winter 

Using a winter greenhouse - feature image

For gardeners, winter is pure torture. No fresh vegetables. No Vitamin D from working in the sun. No dirt under your nails. Even people who aren’t big vegetable fans dream about salad in the winter. You shouldn’t expect to grow tomatoes in winter unless you have a hothouse. That said, you can grow a wide … Read more

The Best Greenhouse Vegetables – What to Grow in Your Greenhouse

woman with harvested vegetables in greenhouse

Adding a greenhouse to your garden is a great way to expand your growing possibilities. These protective, sun-powered structures allow you to extend your growing season, plant difficult-to-grow veggies, and even grow fresh produce right through the winter! A greenhouse adds so many possibilities to your growing plans that many novice and backyard gardeners find … Read more