The Best Pruning Shears of 2017

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best pruning shears

If you are any sort of a gardener then you have no doubt used a set of pruning shears at some point. Choosing a good model is vital; it can make your gardening work much easier, keep your plants happier and probably the most important point – reduce the risk of injury. The difference between and the not-so-good ones is vast, do … Read More

Black and Decker CM2040 Review

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Black and Decker CM2040 Review

We had high hopes when getting the out of the box; it looks great, the specs read well on paper and it had the Black & Decker name we all love. Unfortunately after testing it multiple times in different scenarios the CM2040 did not quite live up to our expectations. Black and Decker CM2040 Review Set Up Key points: Assembly … Read More

The Ultimate Aerogarden Review and Guide

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Do You love fresh vegetables and herbs but you can’t you cannot grow them because you dont have the room, or you are not in the right climate, or you dont have the time? Well an Aerogarden is the next generation of indoor gardening. You don’t have to wear gloves and carry gardening tools around. You do not even have … Read More

Our Favorite Safe Plants for Cats

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Growing plants is a great way to brighten up a room or add some color to your lush, green lawn. But, even though your cat enjoys prowling through the leaves and flowers in your garden, not all plants are safe for cats. Unfortunately, some plant species can seriously harm kitty’s health, and skin contact or ingestion of these plants can … Read More

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers of 2017

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best cordless lawn mower
So you have decided to buy a cordless mower, but the choice is so large - which are the best cordless lawn mowers available? It is important to put some time aside and do your research on cordless lawn mowers. For most people, buying an electric mower is quite a serious investment so you need to make sure you are ... Read More

The 9 Best DIY Terrarium Kits of 2017

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best diy terrarium kits
A Terrarium kit allows anybody to create your own tiny ecosystem in your own home - indoors. These self contained gardens are usually displayed in a glass container and can be either sat on a bench or hung from an appropriate location - depending on your terrarium. Terrarium kits usually contain either air plants or succulents - both are very easy ... Read More

Black & Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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lack & Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower Review
Black & Decker CM1936 Review SummaryRun Time8.5Maneuverability7Power9Additional Features8Ease of use9ProsPowerful motorNice and quiet45 Minute - 1 hour run timeSturdy and well builtConsOld technology lead-acid batteries usedReplacement batteries are hard to find and expensiveLong charging time compared to the competitionQuite heavy compared to other cordless mowers 8.3A powerful mower with a few small problemsIf you are after a powerful mower then ... Read More

Different Types of Succulents for the Home – The Ultimate List

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different types of succulents

When it comes to choosing from the many different types of succulents to include in your house or garden – there is a huge choice. There are spiky ones, soft ones, pretty ones and even succulents with medicinal properties. So which do you choose? This is a list of our favorite succulents that are suited to be placed primarily indoors, but … Read More

Worx WG782 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Worx WG782 14 Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review
Worx WG782 Review SummaryRun Time7Maneuverability8.5Power6.5Additional Features7Ease of use8.5Reader Rating0 Votes0ProsVery lightManeuverableNice and quietThe price is right!ConsOnly 14" cutting widthThe power really struggles on long or thick grassLong charge time compared to the competitorsUses old lead-acid battery technologyLooks flimsy - like a toy 7.5A great mower for a smaller yardIf you have a smaller yard that you mow regularly, then this ... Read More