Cat next to succulents

Are Succulents Poisonous To Cats and Dogs?

There are thousands of succulents out there, including some very toxic ones. In this helpful guide, find out which succulents are poisonous to cats and dogs and which are safe to keep in the home.

dog digging a hole

Why Is My Dog Digging Holes In The Artificial Grass?

Dogs love to dig, even in artificial lawn. In this article, we look at the three most common reasons dogs dig in artificial turf, what to do for each, and how to discourage digging in the future.

dog sniffing and exploring the garden

How to Keep Dogs from Pooping In Your Yard

Whether you have careless neighbors or packs of strays running a muck, you don’t want to be left with the responsibility of cleaning up after them. In this guide, we’ll walk you through 6 ways to stop dogs from pooping on your lawn.