Cat next to succulents

Are Succulents Poisonous To Cats and Dogs?

For many people, a house isn’t really a home without two things: pets and plants. Flora and fauna can be compatible cohabitants, but not all plants are pet-safe. Even the most well-behaved pets will occasionally snack on a succulent. And, many popular, attractive succulents are highly poisonous that can lead to medical emergencies and the … Read more

dog digging a hole

Why Is My Dog Digging Holes In The Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass looks great and can make owning a pet much easier. No more muddy yard problems, less mess, and more time to enjoy time with your dog. But what about when your favorite pet decides that it’s time to dig up that lovely-looking artificial lawn? Let’s take a look at why your dog might … Read more

dog sniffing and exploring the garden

How to Keep Dogs from Pooping In Your Yard

There is something particularly violating about finding dog poop on your front lawn. The sight immediately breeds feelings of disgust and discontent. In most cases, the act isn’t personal, but it can be hard not to feel like it is, which only worsens the situation. Luckily, whether you are dealing with a malicious pooper or … Read more

dog getting sprayed with the best mosquito repellent for dogs

The 9 Best Mosquito Repellents for Dogs – Pet Safe Bug Spray

Mosquitos are annoying, but for your dog, they can be deadly. Heartworm, which used to be a problem only in warm, southern states, has now spread to every state in the country, except for Alaska. Without treatment, which can be very costly and take months to complete, dogs infected by this mosquito-borne illness will die. … Read more

muddy dog yard solutions

Muddy Dog Yard Solutions: 6 Solutions Worth Considering

A muddy yard and an active dog don’t mix well. If you’re sick of Fido tracking mud into the house and all over the couch, we’ve got six simple solutions that will remove or cover the muck to reduce your muddy dog yard problems.