Linkind Solar Wall Lights and mounting bracket on a table

Linkind Solar Wall Lights Outdoor Review – A Hands On Test

Linkind Solar Wall Lights are highly sensitive, motion-activated outdoor lights that work off solar power or USB charge. Find out what we loved about these easy-to-use lights and where we were left wanting more.

Outdoor Lighting That Doesn’t Attract Bugs

Outdoor Lighting That Doesn’t Attract Bugs

Switching to a specific bulb type, hue, and brightness can finally end the swarm of insects crowding your front porch and other outdoor living areas. Find out what is the best outdoor lighting that doesn’t attract bugs in this article.

diy ping pong ball lights

How To Make DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

Looking to add style to your backyard without spending a fortune? You can try making this ping pong lights project. Simple and easy to do, it’s the perfect DIY for homeowners. Find out how to make one in this article.

how to install a lamp cord switch

How To Replace a Lamp Cord Switch Quickly and Easily

If you’ve already replaced the bulb and your lamp is still not working, you have a faulty inline lamp cord switch. Luckily, all it takes is just four easy steps to fix it. Find out how in this article.