glowing HVAC UV lights

The Best HVAC UV Lights – Keep Your Air Clean

UV lights can be a valuable addition to your home HVAC system. These light bulbs naturally kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens to keep your air cleaner and prevent disease from spreading. Find out how they work and which brands are best, right here.

whole house dehumidifier

Whole House Dehumidifiers – Should You Buy One and How Much Do They Cost

Whole house dehumidifiers can do nearly as much as an AC to keep you cool in some climates, but are they worth the money? We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of these appliances and help you decide if this purchase is right for you in this helpful guide.

what is btu

What is BTU?

BTU is a common specification listed on heaters and air conditions, but what is BTU? Get that answer and everything else you need to know about energy and heat with respect to these units, right here.

no air from air vent

6 Causes of Low Air Flow From Your Ducts

Blocked air ducts don’t just cause irregular temperatures throughout your home; they can also tax your HVAC system and cause problems down the road. Find out the 6 most common causes of low air flow from your ducts and how to fix them.

How To Calculate The Air Conditioner Size For Your House

Air Conditioner Unit Size Calculator

Stop guessing what air conditioner size you should have in your home. Use Essential Home and Garden’s free aircon conditioner size calculator to have at least some knowledge of what you need. Access the calculator here.