Black & Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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lack & Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower Review
Black & Decker CM1936 Review Summary
Run Time8.5
Additional Features8
Ease of use9
Powerful motor
Nice and quiet
45 Minute - 1 hour run time
Sturdy and well built
Old technology lead-acid batteries used
Replacement batteries are hard to find and expensive
Long charging time compared to the competition
Quite heavy compared to other cordless mowers
A powerful mower with a few small problems
If you are after a powerful mower then the Black & Decker CM1916 should by high on your list of cordless mowers to check out - as long as you don't mind the heavy weight and the out-dated battery technology used in this unit.
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lack & Decker CM1936 Cordless Lawn Mower ReviewThe name Black & Decker has been synonymous with cordless mowers for many years now, and the Black & Decker CM1936 cordless mower only improves on the already great reputation of this brand.

Yes, the CM1936 is one of the most expensive cordless mowers on the market, but with good reason. The power this machine puts out is hard to beat and the build quality is right up there with any competitor you care to name.

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Set Up

The CM1936 cordless lawn mower arrived packed well in a sturdy box. There is no assembly required, and all you need to do when you take the mower out of the box is unfold the handle and adjust it to suit your preferred position.

The grass catcher is a little bit more fiddly to set up, but I would still class it as being relatively easy to assemble.

This mower also takes up only a very small amount of space when packed away as the handle folds back up easily and it can be stored upright.

Starting the Electric Mower

The startup procedure for this mower is relatively simple and should not prove to be a problem for even the least technical of users.

The safety key is inserted into the mower, then a button on the handle needs to be pushed. Pull the bail handle up to meet the mower handle itself and the mower starts.


Black & Decker CM1936 Cordless Mower ReviewThe Black & Decker CM1936 is certainly not lacking in power. The included 36V battery keeps the powerful electric motor whirring away through even the thickest and longest grass.

We had struggle putting the power of this mower to the test due to the fact that it was hard to find grass that would actually give it a work out!

The mulching function was also great, with the mower not missing a beat when mulching even medium sized sticks and twigs from the tall trees in our yard.

The words powerful and quiet rarely ever go together when you are talking about mowers, but in the case of the CM1936 they do! Whether you want to mow early in the morning or late into the evening – you wont get a single complaint or dirty look from your neighbors as they likely won’t even know you are mowing.


One of the main problems we had with this mower was its weight. At 72 lbs it is one the heaviest cordless mowers around and let me tell you – you really notice it when pushing up any sort of a slope or through thicker grass.

The weight of the Black & Decker CM1936 can make maneuvering around trees, garden beds and other obstacles in your backyard quite difficult when compared to the lighter mowers. If you do have a lot of items in your yard that need to be mowed around, it is hard for us to recommend the CM1936 to you.

Thus, this electric mower may not be suitable for the elderly, or for anyone who does not have a struggles pushing a heavier mower.

It should be kept in mind however that this mower is still much lighter than any gas mower that you are likely to use, so if you are are currently using a gas powered mower then the CM1936 may indeed be perfect for you.

Lawn Mower Battery

The Black & Decker CM1936 comes with a 36V removable sealed lead-acid battery. It seems a bit strange to us that Black & Decker decided to use a Lead-Acid type battery instead of a Lithium-Ion, especially considering that this mower costs a bit more than many of its competitors.

In saying that though, you do get between 45 minutes – 1 hour of run time with this battery, so its performance is acceptable.

At 12 hours, the recharge time for the battery is quite long when compared to it’s competitors. This may be a deal breaker for any users who need more than one charge to mow their entire lawn.

One awesome feature was the ability to charge the battery while it is in the mower, or when the battery has been removed. You can plug the charger into the a socket on the handle of the mower if you have somewhere suitable to sit it out of the way while it charges, if not, then remove the battery and charge it on your workbench!

We also actually had trouble sourcing spare batteries for this mower, everywhere we tried was either out of stock or didn’t have them at all.

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Electric Mower Features

While the Black & Decker CM1936 doesn’t have some of the fancy auto throttles and other features that some other mowers have, I would venture to say that it does not really need them.

This is a no fuss mower that works when you want it to work and has enough power push through almost anything you can throw at it.

It does have mulching capability or rear-bag collection and really, these are all the features that you need in a good quality, durable mower.

It should be noted that this version of the mower is NOT self propelled. If you are looking for the self propelled version then the model number you are after is SPCM1936.

Build Quality

This is another one of those mowers where it looks a bit like a toy to start with due to its plastic construction. But plastics have come a long way in the last decade and looks can be deceiving – The Black & Decker CM1936 has benefited from this advancement in plastics technology and is actually quite durable and feels very sturdy and strong when pushing it around the backyard.

Whilst this mower is made of high quality, heavy duty plastic which makes the mower very durable –  it also makes the unit one of the heaviest cordless mowers available.

The only complaint we had with its build quality was that the wheels seem a bit flimsy  to us and not up to the same build quality of the rest of the mower. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were they first things to break on this mower.


As we already mentioned, the heavy weight of this cordless mower may be a problem for some people and should be considered before deciding to purchase this mower.

The cutting width of the CM1936 is 19”, which is middle of the range when compared to other mowers. Considering the weight of this mower, we felt that this is a little on the small side and really would like to have seen at least a 20” or even a 21” cut.


The price is certainly up there when you look at the CM1936’s competitors, but we really felt that the build quality was worth it.

The power of this mower is exceptional and you won’t regret paying a bit more for a machine like this.

Should You Buy It?

A powerful motor is the most standout feature of this mower. If being able to power through even the thickest grass is important, then the Black & Decker CM1936 electric mower should certainly be on your shortlist.

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