Choose The Best Pond Lights – The Complete Pond Lighting Guide

Pond Lights can be a great addition to any backyard space; illuminating the water, creating wonderful reflections, and providing an invaluable safety feature. However when installing Pond Lighting, there are a few things to consider to ensure you are making the most out of your Lighting Fixtures.

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Read on for tips and advice on deciding what Pond Lights will work best in your Garden Pond, and search through our comprehensive and reviewed line-up, to find the best Affordable Pond Lights.

If you have yet to make a pond, have a look at our Step By Step Pond Building Guide on how to do just that!

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The Best Affordable Pond Lights of 2017

Now you’ve got an idea of what sort of Pond Lights will work best in your Garden Pond, here is a line up of the best Affordable Pond Lights of 2017. All of which have been reviewed by us.

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Choosing the Best Pond Lights

The bigger and deeper the pond, the more powerful your Lights will need to be to illuminate it properly. Be sure to check the Wattage of the Light – size is not always an indicator of brightness.

It depends on what shade of light you are looking for, but for most people LED lights are advisable. As they require very little maintenance – when compared with a typical bulb. The higher initial cost is reclaimed by the longevity of the bulb, and usually last for years before they need replacing.

How will your Pond Lights be powered?

best pond lightIn the past there was often only one power-supply choice – a wired mains power connection. Although this is still a good choice, as it provides consistent and strong power to your Pond Lights, there is now the choice of solar power.

Solar powered units are generally low quality, as they are used mostly as a temporary garden fixture, or a dusk to dawn lamp post light. However, this form of power can be very convenient.  Solar lights do not need to be in range of any power source and so can be placed independently, but they rely on good placement – and usually provide less power than there wired counterparts.

Battery power is the final choice, which is a good choice if you are looking for a short term form of pond lighting – for example, a wedding or party.

How Easy is the Pond Light to Install?

Ease of installation is important, as many pond lights differ in this respect. Wired pond lights tend to be more complicated than Solar powered and battery powered lights, so this is something you should consider when choosing your Lighting Fixtures.

Pond Light Placement and Mounting

This is largely up to your personal taste, however solar lights should be placed in positions where they receive sunlight for the majority of the day, to ensure they have enough charge to last the night. Additionally, Lights sunken in your Pond may be too buoyant to do so, and may bob on the surface instead! To amend this, find a weight in your garden; a stone, brick or piece of concrete, and drill or tie your Lighting Fixture to it before placing.

Safety First!

Before working with any electrical equipment, ensure there is no power running through the cables, and if need be – make sure Lighting Fixtures are Grounded.

Read on to discover more about Burying Cables in a simple and safe way.

Finalizing Your Pond Light Installation

pond lighting cablingInstalling Pond Lighting can be as simple as placing your lights and flicking a switch, however you may wish to bury cables, add a timer or even install light filters. Timers and Light Filters can be easily purchased online or in you Local Garden Centre.

Burying Cables

You don’t want any unwanted surprises when you break ground, so check your house plans for underground cables and pipes, and call your local utility company to make sure that the ground is clear. Shovels and electricity don’t mix.

CALL 811: We recommend using the call 811 service before you start digging to ensure the area is clear. Hitting a pipe or cable by mistake can be very costly!

If there are any wires, pipes or hazards near your pond site, mark them out very clearly.

Also ask your friends and family for your help, especially if you’re embarking on a large project, pond construction is far more enjoyable with company – not to mention a lot quicker!

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