The Best Backpack Leaf Blower – Full Reviews and Buyers Guide

best backpack leaf blower

Let’s face it. When the leaves start rolling down all around your outdoor spaces, the romantic side of it only lasts for some time. Talk about hues of fall turning into backbreaking drudgery as you rake, sweep, pile, and collect.

But are you willing to trade all those hours of yard work for something simple that delivers powerful results, how about investing in a nifty backpack leaf blower?

A good backpack leaf blower will not only clean up that mess in your garden or outdoor space, but also leave you much precious time to enjoy other finer pursuits in life.

Whether for home or business, these useful items can provide you with years of benefits. Ready?

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Best Choice

husqvarna best backpack leaf blower

Best Backpack Leaf Blower

A seriously powerful, commercial grade blower that is worth every cent. Seriously…you cant beat this model!

Best Value

poulan pro pr48bt 475 cfm

Best Value Leaf Blower

Cost effective, powerful and easy on the ears. Great for anyone on a budget.

Backpack Leaf Blower Comparison

So you can easily compare models, we have put together a handy table, click below to expand the comparison table.

PreviewEngine SizeWeightAir SpeedNoise LevelWhere To BuyWarranty

Husqvarna 570BTS

Husqvarana leaf blower
65.6 cc22.7 lbs236.2 mph/768 cfm99 dB(A)Check Price on Amazon2 years

Makita EB7660TH

Makita backpack blower
75.6 cc24.1 lbs206 mph/706 cfm76 dB(A)Check Price on Amazon1 year

Poulan Pro PR48BT

poulan pro blower 200 mph
48 cc22 lbs200 mph/475 cfm60 dB(A)Check Price on Amazon2 years

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Blower

battery powered backpack blower long runtime
80V Brushless Electric14.64 lbs145 mph/580 cfm60 dB(A)Check Price on Amazon4 years on unit, 2 years on batteries

Echo PB-580T 

58.2 cc22.6 lbs215 mph/510 cfm70 dB(A)Check Price on Amazon5 years consumer use, 2 years commercial use

Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews

Husqvarna 570BTS Backpack Blower Review

Husqvarna 570BTS Backpack Blower Review

Key Specifications:
  • Engine Size: 65.6 cc
  • Weight: 22.7 lbs
  • Air Speed: 236.2 mph/768 cfm
  • Noise Level: 99 dB(A)

If you have a larger area to blow down, and a budget to match then the Husqvarna 570BTS is the premium choice. 

Moving a huge 768 CFM, you will have a huge amount of blowing power available to you and it  will dislodge even the toughest of dried leaves and mud stuck to those paths. This machine is no slouch, and a job which used to take you hours can likely be completed in minutes with this beast.

I wouldn’t recommend this blower for anyone with a small yard, as it is simply too powerful – you will end up blowing your mulch and plants away accidentally!

Although this blower is super powerful, is weighs in at just 22.7 lbs which is about the same as the less powerful models. 

This is a serious piece of equipment made from well engineered, high quality parts and reports of break downs in customer reviews are few and far between. Your repair bills will be low and the routine maintenance is a breeze (pardon the pun) to carry out.

There is a reason this has been a bestseller for many years, it is simply one of the best.

More Info On This Leaf Blower

Manufacturer’s website

  • Commercial grade machinery
  • Starts easily
  • Moves a huge 768CFM of air
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Works on fresh snow
  • Falls prey to ethanol in fuel like most other machines with carburetors
  • Quite loud

Makita EB7660TH 4-Stroke Backpack Blower Review

Makita EB7660TH Review

Key Specifications:
  • Engine Size: 75.6 cc
  • Weight: 24.1 lbs
  • Air Speed: 206 mph/706 cfm
  • Noise Level: 76 dB(A)

The next model in our best backpack leaf blower list is the Makita EB7660TH.

Makita’s fuel efficient 75.6 cc backpack leaf blower meets EPA and CARB regulations with a mechanical automatic engine decompression feature for quick and easy starts. Weighing 24.1 lbs, this machine is more on the petite side featuring a maximum air speed of 206 mph.

The 7,200 rpm engine has a power of 3.8 hp while the oiling port, drain plug, and even the spark plug are easily accessible for fuss-free maintenance.

Man using leaf blower in park

While it doesnt have the same power as the Husqvarna, it still has more than enough air movenent to blow away fresh snow.

We also liked the padded straps and cruise control feature that helps with fatigue, alongside all the other snazzy features above and others such as large capacity air filter, a large fuel tank volume, and low noise.

More Info On This Leaf Blower

Manufacturer’s website

  • Low noise
  • Less vibration
  • Portable
  • Great value for home or commercial use
  • Lacks some blowing power compared to the Husqvarna

Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Blower Review

bestseller Poulan Pro Blower

Key Specifications:
  • Engine Size: 48 cc
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Air Speed: 200 mph/475 cfm
  • Noise Level: 60 dB(A)

The Poulan Pro backpack leaf blower has been in the best backpack leaf blower list for a while now, with its 2-stroke 48 cc engine. But don’t let the seemingly low stats surprise you considering it delivers a windspeed of up to 200 mph that will clear wet debris in a jiffy.

Weighing 22 pounds and featuring various speed controls, a soft-grip handle, and a load-reducing harness, this one topped our list for a no-frills part-time use backpack leaf blower.

gasoline 475 cfm leaf blower

And while it has quite a bit of power, it is also surprisingly quiet, in fact it is the quitest of all the units reviewed in this article!

The Poulan Pro is great for home use with the motor starting easily and it comes with two different extensions for your use.

More Info On This Machine

Manufacturer’s website

  • Compact as far as backpack leaf blowers go
  • Powerful for its engine size
  • Super value for money
  • Quiet compared to other models
  • User manual is not great

Greenworks Pro 80V Backpack Blower Review

battery powered backpack blower compare with gas

Key Specifications:
  • Engine Size: 80 volt electric
  • Weight: 14.64 lbs
  • Air Speed: 145 mph/580 cfm
  • Noise Level: 60 dB(A)

A new contender for the best backpack leaf blower, the Greenworks Pro 80V backpack blower is battery powered, and thus nice and quiet. And we really mean as quiet as a leaf blower can possibly be.

Working with a 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery, this machine features a decent 145 mph windspeed and of course eliminates the whole problem of fume pollution. Ideal for homes or even noise conscious commercial operations, the Ego Bare Tool provides a runtime of up to 2 hours on low power mode, weighs a mere 18.8 pounds, is compatible with all other Ego battery capacities, and allowed us to utilize the advantages of a backpack leaf blower even in a sound restricted/ regulated area.

cordless leaf blower high power

This blower lasts about 21 minutes on standard mode, and 11 minutes on turbo mode – which you would use to blow away damp debris. While this doesn’t sound like a lot of time, it generally is more than enough for a small – medium sized backyard.

Weighing in at just 14.64 lbs, the PBPB80L2510 is suitable for those who find the gas-powered models too heavy to lug around. I would especially recommend this model for the elderly, or those with back problems.

Another benefit of a battery powered leaf blower is that there is almost zero servicing to carry out!

Battery specifications got you confused? Learn about power tool batteries.

More Info

Manufacturer’s website

  • Low noise
  • Very light in weight
  • Eco Freindly
  • Great for small places
  • Not as powerful as gas powered models

Echo PB-58OT Backpack Blower Review

Key Specifications:
  • Engine Size: 58.2 cc
  • Weight: 22.6 lbs
  • Air Speed: 215 mph/510 cfm
  • Noise Level: 70 dB(A)

This 58.2 cc Echo backpack leaf blower is also a 2-stroke wonder featuring 215 mph air velocity and a stage 2 compliant low emission engine.

Featuring many qualities of full-grade professional backpack blowers, the powerful echo has four anti-vibration springs that keeps fatigue away when using. Weighing at 22.6 lbs, we found that the machine is an excellent choice for mid-level operations, especially with its tool-less air filtration system for easy maintenance.

Our main complaint was that the plastic body felt a bit flimsy and cheap. While this didn’t cause any problems for us, we don’t recommend buying this model if it is likely to get knocked around a lot.

In saying that though, Echo really back the quality of their product by offering a 5 year warranty if the machine is used for residential use and 2 years of commercial use.

Compared to some of the more elite brands in the market, the PB-58OT does offer a very competitive price for the specs.

More Info On This Model

Manufacturer’s website

  • Very comfortable
  • Great value
  • Leaf guard on air filter
  • Easy to start
  • 5 year warranty
  • Plastic body feels a bit cheap

The Benefits of a Backpack Leaf Blower


No more lugging around a conventional leaf blower as you trek slowly through your yard. These modern backpack style leaf blower machines come with straps that can adjust to a variety of degrees to help you work in comfort as you blast those wretched leaves (we wish into oblivion!).

Your choice of Tech

Backpack leaf blowers come with options of cords, charged electricity, gas, and battery. Besides giving you many varieties to choose the most energy efficient one, you can pick the style that best suits your budget.

We like the cordless ones best. No more tangled-up cords to unfurl as you silently pretend you are one of them boys from Ghostbusters.

Lots of Power

The top makes of backpack leaf blowers in the market deliver a big punch of power. And flexible at that.

From gentle cleaning to full power blasting, your work becomes much less strenuous than what it would usually be.

Save time

Think of a backpack leaf blower as an investment. Easy carry and stow, full on work efficiency, and no more frustration as you pile the leaves neatly to discard. And these aren’t just beneficial for leaves.

The backpack blower will bust away dirt and sand, light snow and any other dry clutter that seem to find their way into our yard all the time. It has complete all-year use.

Some of the more powerful ones even remove wet junk from your yard.

What to Look for in a Backpack Leaf Blower

Noise Levels

Some backyard petrol powered machinery is very noisy and so much so, that many communities ban their use during certain times of the day. You want to choose a model that meets your local community’s decibel standards and ensure you wear hearing protection while using the backpack leaf blower at anytime.

Air Flow and Engine Size

But obvious. I mean after all, the whole point of a backpack leaf blower is for you to lighten workload. Variable throttle is important because a full 250 mph blast at all times isn’t your ideal scenario, say, when clearing a hedge-lined narrow walkway. Choose a backpack leaf blower model that can carry out small jobs, or the biggest jobs that require a lot of power. Of course, if you are looking for a commercial function within super large spaces, go all out and buy the top cc.


Although backpack leaf blowers do to tend to get heavier than handheld ones, going anything from between 20 lbs to 40 (or more), it is important to be practical. While most will allow you to stand at a spot and blast from all directions and make a pile, movement will be required to cover larger areas. You may also want invest in one that features comfortable and durable straps. Do remember that having the engine on your back can actually be easier than carrying around a heavy hand held blower.


If you are going for a gas-filled backpack leaf blower, keep in mind that emissions can be dangerous. You would want to opt for an eco-friendly model that controls fumes, and wear a mask if necessary. Most modern backpack leaf blower models come with pollution control features, and are compliant with basic regional standards.

Air Filters

Whether the self-purging variety or one with a vacuum suction feature, you don’t want your backpack leaf blower choking up in dusty conditions.

We generally do not recommend vacuum models because they limit your functionality. The containment space just isn’t enough for leaves and other muck that they pick up and you spend all day emptying the catcher.



the best backpack leaf blowers

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