Are Electric Fireplaces Worth the Money?

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Electric fireplaces are worth the money.

Unlike gas and wood-burning fireplaces that are expensive, complicated to install, and difficult to maintain, electric fireplaces are the complete opposite. They are one of the most efficient methods to heat your home, cost less than a traditional fireplace, and are surprisingly environmentally friendly.

Moreover, they need little to no maintenance and offer the lifelike appearance and heat of flickering flames without the hazards of real fires.

Keep reading to find out all the reasons why electric fireplaces are worth it.

man installing an electric fireplace insert

Why Electric Fireplaces are Great Investments

Electric fireplaces are a great addition to any home. Whether you want it for extra heat, decor, or to create a more cozy space, you can likely find one to fit your exact needs and space. Here are the main reasons why homeowners love them.

Affordable Cost

In general, the up-front cost of an electric fireplace is lower than traditional fireplaces. It also costs less to install, and you don’t have to worry about ongoing fuel or maintenance costs.

Inexpensive to Run

Electric fireplaces are energy efficient because every dollar you spend on electricity to operate it goes entirely towards generating heat. Some models are even less expensive to operate than space heaters.

In contrast, only about 30-40% of the heat generated by a gas fireplace is actually used to heat your home. The rest goes up the chimney. Wood-burning fireplaces are even less efficient, with only about 10-20% of the heat they generate going towards heating your space.

Life-like Flames

close-up of an electric fireplace log

One of the best things about electric fireplaces is that they look just like real fires. Many models come with life-like flames that realistically flicker and dance, giving you all the ambiance of a real fire without any of the risks.

Some electric fireplace inserts even have glass fronts that allow you to watch the flames as they dance. This is a great way to enjoy the look of a real fire without dealing with any mess.

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Electric fireplaces are safe and easy to use. There’s no risk of fires or carbon monoxide poisoning, and you don’t have to worry about storing or chopping wood. Electric fireplaces are an excellent option for homes with small children or pets.

Easy to Install

technician installing an electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are easy to install and use. In most cases, all you need to do is plug them into a standard 120-volt outlet. Some models may require minor assembly, but they can be put together in just a few minutes.

There’s no need for a vent or chimney, so you can install an electric fireplace almost anywhere in your home. They’re perfect for small spaces or apartments where a traditional fireplace isn’t an option.

Easy Control

man using the remote control to control the electric fireplace

Most electric fireplace models come with a remote control, so you can turn the fireplace on and off without ever having to get up. Other models even come with timers, so you can have peace of mind that the unit automatically turns off after running after a certain period.

This is an excellent feature if you want to use your electric fireplace for ambiance but don’t want to run the risk of leaving it on all night.

Heats Quickly and Evenly

woman putting her hands in front of the electric fireplace

Since electric fireplaces can be used without vents or chimneys, all the heat it generates goes straight to your living space. This type of fireplace also uses convection to circulate heat throughout the room, so you’ll feel comfortable and cozy in no time.

Electric fireplaces are a great way to supplement your home’s heating system. They’re also a great choice for people who want to save money on their energy bills.

a photo of a modern electric fireplace

Low Maintenance

Out of the available heating systems for residential use, electric fireplaces are the most effortless to maintain. There’s no need to clean out the ashes or chimney, and you don’t have to worry about storing wood. All you need to do is keep the area around the fireplace clean and dust-free.

Electric fireplaces are an excellent choice for people who want the look of a real fireplace without any hassle.

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