5 Tried and True Paint Colors for Your Walls

painting a wallAre your home’s walls in need of a fresh coat of paint? Perhaps your old paint color scheme looks outdated, or perhaps you just want a different look. Either way, there are five tried and true paint colors you’ll want to consider incorporating into your home décor.

5 Paint Colors You Should Try

Fundamental White by Sherwin Williams

Do you envision decorating around stark white walls that are not overly beige, gray, yellowish, or pinkish in tone? If so, Fundamental White is exactly the color you need.

Fundamental White is a cool, bright white that is one of the truest whites available in paint form. It’s a color that matches virtually everything. Fundamental White is a fail-safe color choice in every possible decorating situation.

Swan Point by Sherwin Williams

Are you interested in decorating your home in a warm color palette? If so, consider picking up a chip of Sherwin Williams’ Swan Point to take a look at. Swan Point is a lovely off-white color with radiant golden undertones. It makes a stunning counterpoint to warm-toned woods like maple, walnut, cherry, golden oak, white oak and red oak. It’s also ideally suited for use with other warm-colored furnishings such as terra cotta planters, copper wall art pieces, brass sconces, golden draperies or any number of creative home accents.

Cashmere Glow by Sherwin Williams

Do you want to try a paint color that’s more colorful than white, yet you’re nervous about choosing a color that’s too bright or overpowering? If so, Cashmere Glow is a fantastic paint color to consider. It’s a bit warmer and brighter than plain white. However, it’s only a few steps more potent than white, so it’s a safe choice in situations where you don’t want your wall color to be overwhelming.

Country White by Glidden

Don’t let the name fool you; Country White isn’t just for using with country style décor. It’s a subtle, creamy off white that will match just about anything. It complements contemporary furniture well. It’s a neutral, unobtrusive color that will give a subtle glow to your walls and make an attractive background for a wide variety of fabrications and furnishings, from wood to marble to velvet to high-tech fiber blends.

Canyon Echo by Glidden

Are your home furnishings predominantly gray, taupe or grayish-beige in color? If so, Canyon Echo’s lovely neutral appearance and grayish undertones make it a fantastic color choice to consider. It complements a wide variety of style aesthetics including mid-century modern, contemporary and transitional designs.

All five of these colors are appropriate choices for workers of any experience level to use. Assuming you use the right equipment for the task at hand, they’ll go on easily whether you’re planning to hire a contractor or you’re planning to do-it-yourself.

These five tried and true paint colors will coordinate well with a variety of home appliances. They’ll create a suitable backdrop for showing off a wide range of home furnishings in just about any decorating style that might appeal to you.

Have you given any thought to which paint colors would best enhance your furnishings? If you’re overwhelmed by the available choices, we hope these suggestions will help point you in the direction of some paint colors that could work for you. If you already have ideas in mind, perhaps one of these colors would enhance the look you’re aiming for. Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy your new paint color scheme.

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